Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Family for Disaster

It's all economics and entrances for these warriors of truth and freedom and the American Way
Let the bombs and the opinions rain down from the sky and the airwaves
They are the ones talking so much and so loud and so out of focus
that you can't hear the cries for silence coming from the depths of your own mind
Larceny of hearts and minds begins with bluster and ends with thunder
Sunshine is hot and it's already getting hotter as we think about baseball
The fields and the streets are filled with the heat of division of discourse
The courses we take will define what lies ahead on our road of life
I think we have begun to shutter the windows
We have begun to suspect our neighbours as if they were our friends
Imagine the conversation when we get nearer the end
All this concrete and glass distracts and keeps us from reacting
to the unmitigated farce that our world is presented to us as
A place that is already destroyed and cannot be helped
except by them, the ones who keep us safe and warm in the winter
A fire is good in the cold but it can burn your house down if not kept in check
What the heck? What the fuck?
This isn't luck that brought us to this point
It is our own sloth, our own indifference when our mouths are full
This has been our own doing and undoing
The pipeline is coming
The walls are coming
Where are we going?

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