Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beautiful people prepare to get ugly #DefendOurCoast #Enbridge #KinderMorgan

The ferry on the way was lined with intellect and intuition, I could feel it
the songs were sung and the excitement grew and it was palpable
people wanted to sat FUCK YOU to the wrongness of it all
In the way that someone who has been saving up an explosion for a long time
 Generations step forward to confront the fog of war and greed and destruction
who knows how long it has been since we felt peace
In a perpetual state of fight or flight
If only we might get away with our sanity and enough confidence
to keep the pain away and the dogs at bay
This will be a fight worth saving
You wait and see
it may not be today but love is our only weapon
we hold dearly in the arsenal
 For so long it seems the ones who try to steal our dreams are unrepentant in their search
for the meaning of life by trying to cheat death
Our biggest fear is nothingness
I wanted to tell on them
but i didn't
 You lying mutherfuckers how dare you put us up against the wall
Us beautiful people, we don't even ask for much
We are the ones who keep the lights on and the village strong
But we'll burn it down, too
if we have to
 The dance is the way we do it
and voting and talking and raising the children
I saw the children there, they demanded a voice it was real
more real than the propaganda and comics on the TV
and the machines
The distinction is the real deal
symbiotic relationships are the ones that work
feeding off of each other
We are all lovers
in the end

Friday, October 19, 2012

Letter to @CAPP

To whom it may concern at @CAPP,

I do appreciate your reply. I am sure an element of what you say contains sincerity. I realise that a defence is needed for your 'side'. The media has been rough on you lately, what with all this Keystone XL and the Northern Gateway project. You seem to have many opponents these days, fairly or unfairly.
I realise that oil is needed for our society, for now. I am not an unreasonable man, only a man who loves his country and seeks to defend it from destruction by foreign oil companies. I know, I must seem idealistic and naive. Perhaps I am. What I can assure you is that I am not a radical environmentalist or someone with an 'agenda' other than a concern for the earth and it's future generations. I am just a regular guy who goes to work 5 days a week and tries to be a model citizen.

The sale of Canadian companies to China and the ongoing legal battles with First Nations, citizens' rights groups, environmental organisations and the funding of climate science denial are among the actions that oil and gas companies involve themselves in. And why would the government of Canada want to sell off the assets of this country with very little value added? What does Canada have to gain from this? What do CAPP members have to gain from this? Do you not love this country and want to see it succeed? You must.
We all need to involve ourselves in the community and dialogue is the way to do it. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has worked effectively in the past when it has come to nation building.
There is no 'us' and 'them'.

We all breathe the same air and drink the same water. Our blood runs the same.
How long can the sham go on? Nobody asks the big questions, as in, "When will we stop?"

The Earth is a finite resource and, as human beings, we must all realise the universal simplicity of this and to ignore it is at our own peril.  We raze our forests and our landscapes and our oceans in order to drive our cars and keep our houses warm and to power all the transportation systems that our entire society relies on to function. I ask you, how can we even begin to tackle the enormous task of reducing our level of growth. Even the economists call it negative growth, to avoid using the word 'loss'.
This is insane, don't you think? But who are we to get in the way of all this... progress?
I guess at this point you may brand me as a lunatic. Who writes a consortium of oil and gas people and lays it all out?

Why not limit our carbon footprint drastically and start charging what the actual cost of fossil fuels are worth? We have an unlimited supply of humans to burn that fuel for generations. And you could invest in alternative power sources with all the money you make from the fossil fuel fuel extraction and Government subsidies.  I think the helping hand is something to the tune of a billion dollars last year.
I am sure we all appreciate the jobs that oil and gas provide us. It is a life blood of this country and all the power to it, I guess...

But the idea of shipping bitumen across a thousand rivers and streams and out into the channels and tributaries of coastal British Columbia scares the hell out of me.
I have spent my life on the coast of British Columbia, my living was made as a fisherman in my youth, working the magic of the coast into my life.

I also spent years working in the forest and have a unique perspective and appreciation for the wilderness of this province and for this country. I am sure you do, too, I am not saying you don't, we are all part of the system that feeds us and clothes us. We all see the same stars at night.
What we need to do is to begin to take those steps toward our civilisation being less dependent on fossil fuels, transforming into a society that is healthy and clean. To deny that climate change is happening is ludicrous, whether or not it is caused by human interference with the Earth's atmosphere. I do not want to ridicule those that question the science because that can be dangerous. If there is a large contingent of people who believe the jury is still out, then I guess we will all have to go along for the ride because that is the nature of our way.

One of the most important points I have to make is that we must remain civil toward one another. When we see one another as the enemy is when we have all lost. If Canada is to become a petro-state, then we must all realise that is what it is and get on with it. But we must do it responsibly. We all know that the tar sands are an abomination. I know, you can't agree with me because that would be bad business sense but we both know there are certain things one cannot ignore as truth.
None of us is innocent and we know it, that is why we are all careful to rush to judgement.

I reckon the only thing a person can do is to challenge the machine somehow, no matter the effectiveness, at least I can feel as though I have reached somebody, somewhere. The future human race will thank us for it. Where do we begin?

As broad as they are, those are my concerns.


Friday, October 12, 2012

The gov is at it again, selling the country out to the lowest bidder. Canada is more than just Resource whores. The following petition is available for you to sign on the green party site.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada draw the attention of the House to the following:
Whereas the Canada-China Investment Treaty was announced in February and signed by the Prime Minister in Vladivostok on September 9th, 2012,
but kept from the Canadian public and Parliament until September 26th, 2012;
Whereas as early as October 31st, 2012, the Conservative-controlled Privy Council could enact this treaty into force without any public consultation or Parliamentary debate and, once ratified, Canada will be bound by the treaty for 15 years. Should any future government wish to withdraw from these onerous commitments, one year written notice is required, and any existing Chinese investors in Canada would be protected for an additional 15 years;
Whereas such investment treaties are essentially corporate rights pacts, that provide foreign corporations access to secret arbitration hearings with the power to challenge and overturn democratically passed Canadian laws or regulations that infringe on their “expected” profits;
Whereas similar provisions in NAFTA Chapter 11 have resulted in the Canadian government being forced to pay out millions in settlements to US corporations, the Canada-China Investment Treaty will provide Chinese state-owned enterprises, essentially arms of the Chinese government, with the ability to claim damages and complain to the Federal government of laws or regulations made at any level of government that reduce their expectation of profits (“tantamount to expropriation”);
Whereas such agreements, and the secretive way they are negotiated and ratified, are deeply corrosive to Canadian democracy, and this Government is keeping Canadians in the dark on an agreement that could impact Canadians for generations; 
Your petitioners call on the Government of Canada to,
Decline to ratify the Canada-China Investment Treaty, take immediate steps to limit the influence of state-owned enterprises over our democracy, in the interest of ensuring that the power over Canadian laws remains in Canadian hands.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Untitled 2.1

The vice president vs. the vice president hopeful
Twitter is aflutter with the bitter and the witty tricksters
Oh, and here we all are! Reaping the rewards of our own stupidity!
Sense and sensibility are not one and the same and are certainly not on display
here tonight, or ever, it seems these days
One of the few times I looked you didn't seem engaged
so I turned to what I know best, cynicism and masked humour
All the newspapers will brim with the punditry of a thousand assholes
sucking off and creating the very system they claim to eschew
The common man, busy with the business of keeping one's head above water
Runs the gamut of emotion at such a powerful potion that is hope
It feeds us like sugar, we keep crashing on it
but we go back for more, time and again
The viral species that we have become craves a sound byte or two
for the water cooler tomorrow, you understand...
It's hard to make it if you don't know what's going on
And what's going on is anybody's opinion, isn't it?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

 Granville Street, on the way to see the Tallest Man on Earth
 Bladerunner Sunset, Late August
 Log Barge on the Fraser, New West.
Birds on the Wire, Tsawwassen.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Family for Disaster

It's all economics and entrances for these warriors of truth and freedom and the American Way
Let the bombs and the opinions rain down from the sky and the airwaves
They are the ones talking so much and so loud and so out of focus
that you can't hear the cries for silence coming from the depths of your own mind
Larceny of hearts and minds begins with bluster and ends with thunder
Sunshine is hot and it's already getting hotter as we think about baseball
The fields and the streets are filled with the heat of division of discourse
The courses we take will define what lies ahead on our road of life
I think we have begun to shutter the windows
We have begun to suspect our neighbours as if they were our friends
Imagine the conversation when we get nearer the end
All this concrete and glass distracts and keeps us from reacting
to the unmitigated farce that our world is presented to us as
A place that is already destroyed and cannot be helped
except by them, the ones who keep us safe and warm in the winter
A fire is good in the cold but it can burn your house down if not kept in check
What the heck? What the fuck?
This isn't luck that brought us to this point
It is our own sloth, our own indifference when our mouths are full
This has been our own doing and undoing
The pipeline is coming
The walls are coming
Where are we going?