Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rednecks makin' a house outta a quonset hut
At least a shop, wired for 220
Pick-ups be havin' a radio that play the country and western all day
2 shock jocks every morning to get them primed and educated for the day
Guns don't kill people but they sure help
T shirts and ashtrays on the way to the great beyond
the place you'll go 'cause of your fidelity and hard work
Lest ye be judged or something like that
Part time puritan lecturing on morality and history
2 things vaguely understood
by the general public at large
Breakin' a promise ain't the worst thing you ever did
The worst was watchin' 7 seasons of americas got talent
time coulda been spent doin' almost anything better
and things are about to get much worse
least thats what the book says and not just our book, other books too
But the musics good for now
so carry on

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