Saturday, September 29, 2012

best man

Heath C. Griffey (Castle)
graduated with honours
Tattoo of a scorpion on the side of his head
Moved to Edmonton to manage a Pizza Hut
Moved back
Got a motorcycle
Got pulled over
more than once
I met him in 95
He was living in a van
saving pennies
for a trip to central America
We went commercial fishing
up the North coast and Haida Gwaii
This was how we got to know each other
He left for central America
I went fishing again
We became good friends
Talking late into the night about the way things ought to be
Heath met Su
They seemed to me, to be in love instantly
It was New Year's Eve
Su was wearing leopard print
and a pill box hat if I remember correctly
Ravenne was on the way
What a prize!
Over the years, we never drifted apart
They moved to Gold river
they came back
There has been a sailboat present through all of this
Inflatables, paddles, outboards, ropes
Rainshadow, Columbia
Many things sorted during a sail
One of my best friends for life
And he gave it to you
that, I am convinced of
8,000 kilometres on a bicycle
followed by a year of intense yoga training
has us all in awe
Now the three are off on an unparalleled journey
Their lives forever changed
Heath understands people
He gets them
And they get that he gets them
I have watched people that met him 5 minutes previous
tell him their deepest secrets
I have certainly told him all of mine
Without having a father
you succeed at being one
And you found your way
without a map
Safe journeys  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


91 people vote to keep people down
including themselves
vain and stupid
with a vengeance
picking science like apples
off the tree
taking for granted history
which ought to be more her story
Let those who dignify laziness
with pomp and circumstance,
be the ones cast out
not to exile but to reason
we all have a spirit
we are the ones who fly
with or without wings
the thing is the distinct satisfaction
gotten from distractions
that make our lives
so interesting
at least to those of us
that are paying attention
and we all hate to see the clock turned back.
I think we would take it to the streets again
if necessary
for now we are safe from this silliness...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

roe vs wade in the shade

The politics of abortion are at the door again
nobody wants to venture there again
all of the zealots and miscreants
in the name of our Lord
He who hath no fury like that of a fool
opinions are like taxes
everyone is paying
the comments section is pretty vile
And all the while, in the name of love
who could be so wrong
keep those laws off of our bodies
our destiny lies with us
not you or the church or the state
will dictate
to the human race
what lies ahead

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rednecks makin' a house outta a quonset hut
At least a shop, wired for 220
Pick-ups be havin' a radio that play the country and western all day
2 shock jocks every morning to get them primed and educated for the day
Guns don't kill people but they sure help
T shirts and ashtrays on the way to the great beyond
the place you'll go 'cause of your fidelity and hard work
Lest ye be judged or something like that
Part time puritan lecturing on morality and history
2 things vaguely understood
by the general public at large
Breakin' a promise ain't the worst thing you ever did
The worst was watchin' 7 seasons of americas got talent
time coulda been spent doin' almost anything better
and things are about to get much worse
least thats what the book says and not just our book, other books too
But the musics good for now
so carry on

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

pictures 2


                                          downtown east side
                                          whale museum
                                          bricks and windows part 2