Sunday, August 26, 2012

Modern love

The fast lane is chock-a-block
full of cocks
pizza and beer and no fear
50/50 draws for meat 
nobody shows up to vote
But for the singers and lip syncers 
Television celebrities dropping like flies 
Everyone is off their game, it seems
Speeding along in the night with the lights out
Pop music on the radio
We are the ones they all hoped would go far
But who sit and cry in the dark
and wonder what the hell happened
Yes, these times are interesting
and hold a certain flare for the spectacle
I mean, the only substance is abuse
How could we be so obtuse?
The parking lots are full and the meaning is lost
The mirrors look back at us in disgust
The trust has given way to greed and lust
and the other 5 sins that make us a winning team
Our monuments are spires in the sky
and they always have been
The obscene dream 
The glass castles of brass and tears
keep us busy late into the night
And up again early in the morn
I think we all know where we are going with this
Elections are a cycle of spending and never ending
nationalistic, atavistic trickery
even the stupid are caught out in it
Keep those ships shipping
Keep the wheels turning
Keep those trains running on time
The worst thing in this world is to be late
To not communicate is a minor inconvenience 
that bleeds into wars and cancer
It is what we do best, to not talk to each other
But we can all drive cars
and fuck like porn stars
And pretend we know just what the hell is going on.

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