Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rio Plus 20

The following is a declaration by the People's Summit to the World leaders as they get together for Rio Plus 20 and stall on much needed action on a host of environmental regulations. The Neo-Liberal agenda has not served many of the World's people well and it is high time we tried something else. Everybody knows it and we are all just wondering when it will all collapse in some way... 

People’s Petition

"We, members of the Occupy movement and civil society, highlight the critical window of opportunity at the Earth Summit to vastly scale up political, financial & public response to the environmental, social & economic crisis of our time, & to raise ambition to the level that science demands. We are exceeding 3 of 9 planetary boundaries (climate change; biodiversity loss; changes to the nitrogen cycle) and our economy has outgrown the ecosystems we depend on. We denounce debt-created money and demand urgent regulation for a steady-state economy. We vow to respect and protect the beauty and diversity of life on Earth, realising our interconnectedness with nature. Governments, corporations and financial institutions must wake up and dramatically prioritise people & the planet over abusive exploitation for short-term profit & “growth”."

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