Thursday, June 21, 2012

Decolonize yer mind. Art is the catalyst that will break us away from our captors, our detractors. We want to spend more time with each other...

Rio Plus 20

The following is a declaration by the People's Summit to the World leaders as they get together for Rio Plus 20 and stall on much needed action on a host of environmental regulations. The Neo-Liberal agenda has not served many of the World's people well and it is high time we tried something else. Everybody knows it and we are all just wondering when it will all collapse in some way... 

People’s Petition

"We, members of the Occupy movement and civil society, highlight the critical window of opportunity at the Earth Summit to vastly scale up political, financial & public response to the environmental, social & economic crisis of our time, & to raise ambition to the level that science demands. We are exceeding 3 of 9 planetary boundaries (climate change; biodiversity loss; changes to the nitrogen cycle) and our economy has outgrown the ecosystems we depend on. We denounce debt-created money and demand urgent regulation for a steady-state economy. We vow to respect and protect the beauty and diversity of life on Earth, realising our interconnectedness with nature. Governments, corporations and financial institutions must wake up and dramatically prioritise people & the planet over abusive exploitation for short-term profit & “growth”."

Thou doth protest...

The toll for the dreamers
is the reckoning
It is the sound of the lost that guide us
Send help!
Sound the alarm!
I know we are floundering
Lost, until somebody finds us
Which is unlikely these days
You keep yourself well hidden
Stacking books and trading looks
with those crooks and fools
who are cruel and ghoulish
They scurry in the light
and flourish in the dark
like roaches or race car drivers
We all went to school
we all fought to hold our places
with words

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yer mine...

friend of heart
and light
from the start
You kept the light
Smart and sass 
Ready to fight
if you had to
The laughs are for the taking
if the time is right
Never missing the opportunity to dance
or talk about the way things are
and the way they ought to be
we are free
you say
and I believe you
I know
the way of things

Spences Bridge

It was late afternoon
in Spences Bridge
Dad was asleep in the tent
and I wanted to walk and get beer
The Sun was shining for the first time in days
and the fire burned itself out
I had collected enough firewood
to restart it after I got back.
I considered taking my music player
but decided it was better to hear
the river
the birds
the wind
the occasional passing car
Two songbirds were nesting in a distant tree
I saw the male fly into a hole
and give food to it's young
The bridge was rusty and old
but looked as if it had been there for millennia
and it could be there for another
I stood and watched the flow of the river
The water was much higher than usual
The spring rains and excess snow melt
left the banks breached and taken
Our camp was only a metre above high water
When I reached the other side of the bridge
I could hear country music
Two muscle cars passed me
and I saw the pub in the distance
I hoped that they would have off sales
When I approached, I suddenly felt
like a smoke drenched drifter
I had not showered in a few days
and the wood smoke was deep into my clothes
and probably my skin
I ached for a shower
but I ached for a cold beer more
So, in I went
A middle aged woman
dressed in an evening gown
and reeking of a freshly smoked marijuana
fetched me a six pack and wished me well
I guessed they probably saw all kinds in here
from time to time
The town had a real lonely feel to it
but I felt strangely pleased
As I walked back over the bridge
I passed a First Nations guy
who stopped and asked me where I was going
I answered that I was headed to the camp up the way
He said that it was warm and to have fun
He wore no shirt
and I wondered where he was walking to
I arrived back at the campsite and Dad was still resting
I started another fire
using the available coals and bark
I opened a beer
and started make dinner upon the propane stove
Dad woke and came out and sat down
He seemed kind of vulnerable and I thought
how much he meant to me
and how lucky I was to have him in my life
We sat in relative silence
not really needing words
this can happen after spending time
you can communicate without talking
Words can mean less than a look
The sky darkened and the fire rolled on
We ate dinner and stared up into the sky
The sparks danced
trains passed in the night
It will all be alright
in the end
I think
It is like we have met before
the way you sauntered up
I swear you know me
those eyes
of judgement
seems like I know better
than to come here
this is your place
To snap a photo is tantamount
to failure on my part
It is like a movie
but not
it's your sincerity that gets me

Road Trip with Dad

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sun shines on your heart again
and bolsters substance
holds your hand
and your head
Choices have been made
Silence is your chosen weapon
A mountain can be moved
one stone at a time
Left for dead
Starvation or evaluation
The salvation comes later
After the lies have been told
After all the pictures have been shown
Glowing pictorial reports
But the words and stories are short
The glory of the past
dug up, like a treasure chest
This cannot last
But this can
and that can
And all the ways in which it is possible
And which, I mean you
and me
our makers
Do not mistake the making
for the taking

Friday, June 15, 2012

letter to the senators.

I'm writing to urge you to support Sen. Mac Harb's bill to end Canada's commercial seal slaughter and transition Canadians in sealing regions into sustainable economic programs. Now that Russia--which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts--has joined the U.S., the European Union, Mexico, and others in banning seal fur, there are no markets. Sen. Harb's bill benefits all parties: seals, sealers, and Canadian taxpayers, who pay millions to prop up a dead industry when many are struggling just to pay their bills. Please listen to the majority of Canadians and people around the world who want S-210 passed and the commercial seal slaughter ended.
Do the right thing people, for the love of all things. How long is this cruel and disastrous industry going to go on for? I cannot imagine what this kind of idiocy must look like to the rest of the civilised world.
Tourism makes a pile more money than the stupid seal hunt ever did. And last time I checked, politicians like money. So, why shoot ourselves in the foot like that?
Ban it. It's dumb.
Thank you.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

dare to dream!

Sentient beings abound on the altar of life and death
We dare not look now for fear of losing the game
Our names and our souls are with us for the duration
The trees hold all the secrets and the leaves tell them
Left alone, we hide from the spectre of ourselves
The past and the pain are the things that make it last
And love is the great equaliser
It keeps our feet on the ground and our heads in the clouds
If I hear the music, I want to dance
We all want to dance
After all