Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What happens next?

I see the world and it sees me
the same 
much too much to think about
sadness and time passing are the same
in this neverending glory story
the one in which I burn
instead of running away
I yearn for the comfort
of the old days
when men were men
and the fires were bright
now the bosses 
keep track of the losses
and the nights are long with regret
I admit, I am always under slept
It is what I get
for lying
and trying to forget
I am part of the community
Some kind of absurdity
got me here
and keeps me here
I stay because I like the shade of light
I can see through the dust
I can see through the clouds
The time is now
for us to get behind the plough
Our existence is dictated
by frustrating occupation
and the desertion of resolutions
that we made late into the night
There is nothing wrong with me
I just want to talk
I want to be heard
and understood
that's why all the words
all the time
Who knew this would be my passion
or distraction, or even my fashion
what looks good on the paper 
is good on the screen
I cannot, for the life of me
remember where I have been
to hell and back, it seems
I still have my dreams

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