Monday, May 28, 2012

Letter to Joe Oliver:

Hi Sir,
I see that I just tried to take the online survey twice. The one on your site that asks if I think your government is taking the right approach to 'responsible' resource development. I had to say 'no' for now because I am afraid of all these omnibus bills that are being rammed through the House with very little debate. I mean, I know you guys have the Majority and everything but you don't always have to invoke closure, just to be spiteful. I mean, come on, the Bloc has been reduced to nothing. The NDP is the opposition and we both know how long that's going to last. As long as the left is split on the vote, you guys can just sail to victory once again. (with or without phone calls)

The thing is, even Alberta just swung a bit to the left. And that's no joke. The Conservatives have held power there for 41 years, soon to be the longest held government in Canadian history. But don't forget, these are Conservatives that still have the Progressive in their name. The Wild Rose party was predicted to win the election in some media outlets. Instead, they garnered 17 seats as the province strategically voted in a lot of cases, just to keep the Tea Party North out of the Legislature. 
If Alberta is lost, your party is nowhere. They are your bread and butter. So too, go the many areas of support that your party enjoys in B.C. Both provinces enjoy a healthy standard of living directly due to their resource exploitation. So, we should really have nothing to complain about. 

We want responsible resource extraction, not to be dictated to by foreign corporations, who have a shady human rights record.
If we want to talk about business and leave the environmental debate out of it, it makes no economic sense to send raw bitumen to the coast, to be sent to China and refined there. 
For your government to label people that care, as extremists and foreign operatives, is very upsetting to me, as a proud Canadian. It reeks of some kind of McCarthyism scare tactics of the 1950s against legitimate groups and citizens. Does your government know what it means to be a citizen? One of the responsibilities of a citizen is to defend his country. I grew up on this coast, I love it and I would defend it. There are some of the largest tracts of temperate rainforest on the planet here, ocean wildlife that would absolutely knock your socks off. I was a commercial fisherman, so I feel like I have a real connection to it. It was one of my first jobs, as a teenager, on a fishing boat out of Prince Rupert. 

I wonder if you believe your own words, or are you instructed to say what you do? It's probably a bit of both, I would guess. That's part of being in a party. You ever think of going independent? You could, you know. You wouldn't have to cross the floor. Peter McKay wouldn't have to cry.
I just wanted to write because I think you should know that not every person that voices their opposition to something is a granola munching eco-terrorist. There are many of us. Our tax dollars are what makes this place work. As someone who has an MBA, you must know this.  

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