Sunday, May 20, 2012

letter to German Minister of Justice;

Dear Minister,
I am writing to implore you to thoroughly examine your position of the extradition of Paul Watson to Costa Rica. I am happy that bail was granted, however, Mr. Watson is seen as a hero to thousands of activists worldwide and his extradition to a country whose justice system may be influenced by organized crime, will be viewed as a regressive slap in the face.
Your country is seen as a global leader when it comes to progressive environmental policy. I live in Canada, where we have been slipping backward for some time. I often look to Germany for hope when it comes to our future.
So, I must admit, I am puzzled by your decision to extradite a global hero for the crime of standing up for marine wildlife. This man should be seen as nothing less than a global crusader and receive nothing less than a hero's welcome when he arrives on foreign soil.
Please consider your decision, as it will not be taken lightly. 
Thank you.
Tony Durke.

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