Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another letter to the moronic feds:

I'm writing to urge you to support Sen. Mac Harb's bill to end Canada's commercial seal slaughter and transition Canadians in sealing regions into sustainable economic programs.
Now that Russia--which had been importing 95 percent of Canadian seal pelts--has joined the U.S., the European Union, Mexico, and others in banning seal fur, there are no markets. Sen. Harb's bill benefits all parties: seals, sealers, and Canadian taxpayers, who pay millions to prop up a dead industry when many are struggling just to pay their bills.

What an absolutely ridiculous thing to pour funds into such a cruel, antiquated and embarrassing practice. As a Canadian, I am horrified that this country is still partaking in this theatre of pain.
And please do not insult our intelligence by repeating the erroneous information that the sealers are adhering to laws regarding cruelty-free slaughter methods. We have all seen countless videos and photos and have even heard testimony from the sealers themselves, that many seals suffer a horrible and painful death, getting skinned alive and left on the ice to bleed to death. Or the pups are just drowned.

Most of these pups are under 8 weeks old!
Keep in mind that these are warm blooded animals, who have live births and most definitely feel pain.

Stop making this country an imbecile on the world stage. Stop continuing this cruel and inhumane practice. Stop the world's largest mass killing of sea mammals every year. Canada is better than that. We are better than that.

Tony Durke.

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