Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pax Romana

The saturation
and strangulation of corporations
a wanton desertion of ambition
taking naps on the job
All of us left home and ran away
into the night
never coming back
Like scorned teenagers
A culture of conceit
Branded living, overvalued housing
but the trees still change colour in the Fall
The smell of fresh cut grass in the Spring
is everything
you know it
Soon we will line up for our daily dose
and make the most of our
God given right
to do what we want
It's the mall that is full
and the halls are walls
we all run from ourselves in there
all the books have become magazines
online revisions and revisitations
It frustrates me and excites me
and frightens me late into the night
We fight about it
high and low
It's the fear that we grow
like a foreshadowed disaster
The faster we climb, the higher we go
until we run out of air
And that happens
Certain things are not up for discussion
It seems
or one would think
the way they leave out everything
only letting a little bit of light in
But we bathe in it
We drink it in
and that is good enough for us
We've been told
or bought and sold
or something
it's one of those things...
We dance to the music
It's all we want to do
And talk a bit, I guess
we all just want to go for a coffee
at least that's what I see
It's not us, it's them
It's not our enemies, it's our friends

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