Thursday, April 19, 2012

The NEW freedom

Go ahead, China
tear down Wei wei's studio
the art will still get made
A hero to all
except you
Go ahead Canada,
tear down the people
with your walls of profit
and the pain of the past
which you seek to bury
you try so hard
it has become obvious to everyone
in the room
except you
The art will always live on
and so will the artists
Your hate is our fuel
and right now
I am burning
Censorship is a sinking ship
but you will keep trying to keep it all afloat
what a boat
what a shouting fool
paint on my pants
words on my page
a game
of life and liberty
because what is liberty?
other than the new freedom?
I go insane
each and every day
with this shit
I wanna turn it all off
But I have all this love I want to share
what the hell happened to you
you fuckers?

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