Sunday, April 8, 2012

Letter to NFLD Minister of Fisheries:

Just wondering why your Government continues to support the sealing industry, it would seem, at all costs. Why should taxpayers dollars be used to prop up a dying industry? Surely, you must know how unpopular this industry is with other nations and individuals around the world. The E.U. has banned the pelts and now Russia. Even Russia! A country that is not known for it's humanitarian record.
Yet, the provincial Government in your province and the Feds seem to be hell bent on dragging Canada's reputation through the muck. Why are you doing this? Not only does it make no political sense, it makes no economic sense either.
This country seems to have a fetish with bailing out antiquated and cruel and foreign industry.
We prop up the fish farms here in BC (also Norwegian companies), the oil companies in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Asbestos debacle in Quebec, to name just a few corporate welfare recipients.
Anyways, Darin, I am sure you are a busy man, what with all those seal pelts stacking up that nobody wants.
Maybe the Government can just buy them off the sealers and put them in a landfill somewhere.

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