Monday, April 16, 2012

500th post.

You think I would have moved on to something else by now. I mean, it is really difficult for me to focus on one thing for so long. I started this blog in June 2009, as a way to share my life and my discoveries with the few people that would read my words.
To be able to share with others the way that you feel is a very important gift I have received by having this site.
I try to be as honest as I can, on here, but you must remember, I still have to live my life with the people who read this blog, and i know there has been more than one occasion that I have been misquoted or misunderstood.
As a writer, you always face the spectre of upsetting someone who is close to you.
I have said inflammatory things about people and politics and have upset people. But getting upset isn't the end of the world. It means that someone has challenged your beliefs or standards and you have been forced to defend your honour or to capitulate to a differing point of view.
Either way, it is not the easiest thing to have your opinions challenged.
How we react to these disputes help to define how others see us. And how we see ourselves.
It has been very helpful for me to be able to write my thoughts, discoveries, things that enrage or engage me, my travels, tips and troubles.
Sometimes it is pictures, sometimes it is poems, other times it is an angry letter.
This page is my therapy for living in such a fucked up world.
Thanks for reading my disjointed but thoughtful thoughts.
I try to keep it entertaining.
Peace and here's to another 500 posts...


  1. it is always important to maintain faith in one's belief of truth. accepting society's standards will not bring peace, nor true success. it is also important to allow for change, lest we forget the reality of our existence. and lastly, it is most important to remember that everyone else is also correct in his opinions, from his perspective. in fact, from another perspective one might even say that each person's truth is simply a different viewpoint of one greater mind.

    thank you for the 500 posts, the love, the rage, the beauty and the peace.

  2. Thank you, my friend. You are often the inspiration for some of my words. I do not accept society's standards as long as they are standards that institutionalise hate and destruction. I cannot accept that is is a difference of opinion. We must stand firmly against the stupidity and idiocracy that is the norm. Sure, things will get slowly better, but we must do what we can to expedite change. Love. Peace. Rage.

  3. hate is a by-product of fear. fear and love are the opposite sides of the same coin. in this earthly world of dualities, where there is love, there must also be fear. one cannot exist without the other. there is a "place", a "time", a "space" where the fear no longer exists, but it belongs to a much deeper realm. we will all "get there" after much experience has been had. in the meantime, while we wait for that "time to come", we can only do our best to remember who we really are, and of course, who our neighbours really are. when we realise that those people who hate are simply afraid, then we can begin to offer them the security they desire. it is easier to do that, of course, when we realise our true being and are not caught in the illusions of the world. and as for expediting it really us who does that? :)