Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top 10 Deathbed Albums

The Flaming Lips- The Soft Bulletin
Radiohead- Kid A
Pink Floyd- Dark Side of the Moon
M. Ward- Duet with Guitars #2
Tracy Chapman- Self Titled
The Beatles- Abbey Road
Bob Dylan- Self Titled
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
Ray LaMontagne- Trouble
Led Zeppelin- In Through the Out Door

I think the new Patrick Watson record, "Adventures in Your Own Backyard" will find it's way onto this list but it only came out a week ago, so that might be a bit premature...

The Soft Bulletin has never left my playlist, since I discovered it in 2002. The album was released in 1999 and is considered by many to be the best of the Lips' records. I have a hard time distinguishing my favourite song but the best album, as one playing, from start to finish, offers the most compelling stories and questions our existence and time and death and life, but the Lips have always dealt with those unanswered questions in a surreal way, that speaks to everyones' sensibilities.
That is why the Flaming Lips are so universally loved for their music and their art.

Pax Romana

The saturation
and strangulation of corporations
a wanton desertion of ambition
taking naps on the job
All of us left home and ran away
into the night
never coming back
Like scorned teenagers
A culture of conceit
Branded living, overvalued housing
but the trees still change colour in the Fall
The smell of fresh cut grass in the Spring
is everything
you know it
Soon we will line up for our daily dose
and make the most of our
God given right
to do what we want
It's the mall that is full
and the halls are walls
we all run from ourselves in there
all the books have become magazines
online revisions and revisitations
It frustrates me and excites me
and frightens me late into the night
We fight about it
high and low
It's the fear that we grow
like a foreshadowed disaster
The faster we climb, the higher we go
until we run out of air
And that happens
Certain things are not up for discussion
It seems
or one would think
the way they leave out everything
only letting a little bit of light in
But we bathe in it
We drink it in
and that is good enough for us
We've been told
or bought and sold
or something
it's one of those things...
We dance to the music
It's all we want to do
And talk a bit, I guess
we all just want to go for a coffee
at least that's what I see
It's not us, it's them
It's not our enemies, it's our friends

round town...

Fraser St.
Columbia and Begbie
Central City

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New West words

Old town
of brick and mortar
and ads painted on walls
an innocence of mass proportion
a hopefulness of the masses
that once defined a nation
have fallen beside the tracks
with the rocks and the cracks
and the long grass


History laid out
in terms of hay bales
and weigh scales
agriculture as a way of life
growing as a way of living
and giving
rural residence
beyond time
and most influence
the confluence of two distinct worlds
cross and leave no trace
this place has stood a century
The face of our destiny
we all must eat
and be


bird of prey
circles above
ready to change course
in an instant
minimal movement
soaring on the wind
time passes slowly

Cherry Blossom Girl

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The NEW freedom

Go ahead, China
tear down Wei wei's studio
the art will still get made
A hero to all
except you
Go ahead Canada,
tear down the people
with your walls of profit
and the pain of the past
which you seek to bury
you try so hard
it has become obvious to everyone
in the room
except you
The art will always live on
and so will the artists
Your hate is our fuel
and right now
I am burning
Censorship is a sinking ship
but you will keep trying to keep it all afloat
what a boat
what a shouting fool
paint on my pants
words on my page
a game
of life and liberty
because what is liberty?
other than the new freedom?
I go insane
each and every day
with this shit
I wanna turn it all off
But I have all this love I want to share
what the hell happened to you
you fuckers?

Monday, April 16, 2012

500th post.

You think I would have moved on to something else by now. I mean, it is really difficult for me to focus on one thing for so long. I started this blog in June 2009, as a way to share my life and my discoveries with the few people that would read my words.
To be able to share with others the way that you feel is a very important gift I have received by having this site.
I try to be as honest as I can, on here, but you must remember, I still have to live my life with the people who read this blog, and i know there has been more than one occasion that I have been misquoted or misunderstood.
As a writer, you always face the spectre of upsetting someone who is close to you.
I have said inflammatory things about people and politics and have upset people. But getting upset isn't the end of the world. It means that someone has challenged your beliefs or standards and you have been forced to defend your honour or to capitulate to a differing point of view.
Either way, it is not the easiest thing to have your opinions challenged.
How we react to these disputes help to define how others see us. And how we see ourselves.
It has been very helpful for me to be able to write my thoughts, discoveries, things that enrage or engage me, my travels, tips and troubles.
Sometimes it is pictures, sometimes it is poems, other times it is an angry letter.
This page is my therapy for living in such a fucked up world.
Thanks for reading my disjointed but thoughtful thoughts.
I try to keep it entertaining.
Peace and here's to another 500 posts...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Westminster

Sun flare, early morning
Sunrise, studiotown.

I wish...

If someone asked me what I regretted most about my life, I would tell them...
I wish I tried harder to maintain relationships
I wish I didn't get that feeling at a certain time in a friendship where I felt I couldn't call because it had been too long
I wish I had kids when I was younger so that I had more energy. And I don't even have kids yet.
I wish I had an open mind when I was younger, so I didn't have so many barriers to cross to get to where I am now
I wish I had discovered the secret to life, which is pure love, when I was younger.
I wish I had more compassion, instead of looking out for myself
I wish I could speak more openly with people without being self conscious
I wish time didn't seem so fleeting
I wish I spent more time playing and less time at work.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Letter to NFLD Minister of Fisheries:

Just wondering why your Government continues to support the sealing industry, it would seem, at all costs. Why should taxpayers dollars be used to prop up a dying industry? Surely, you must know how unpopular this industry is with other nations and individuals around the world. The E.U. has banned the pelts and now Russia. Even Russia! A country that is not known for it's humanitarian record.
Yet, the provincial Government in your province and the Feds seem to be hell bent on dragging Canada's reputation through the muck. Why are you doing this? Not only does it make no political sense, it makes no economic sense either.
This country seems to have a fetish with bailing out antiquated and cruel and foreign industry.
We prop up the fish farms here in BC (also Norwegian companies), the oil companies in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Asbestos debacle in Quebec, to name just a few corporate welfare recipients.
Anyways, Darin, I am sure you are a busy man, what with all those seal pelts stacking up that nobody wants.
Maybe the Government can just buy them off the sealers and put them in a landfill somewhere.

Friday, April 6, 2012

one for Dad

Nerds of the fuckin' world, UNITE!!! Use your powers for GOOD!!!

Gina goes to Pemberton...

Broken culture
broken heart
In the midst of life
of a people, a civilisation
Left behind to mend their fences
to tend to their sick and dying
Send help now.
This is our country
These are our people
Beauty and sadness
Weakness to destroy
has grown like a summer vine
And now the crosses
Displayed with pride
Scorned by some
Treated with impunity
the community
held together with bale wire
and plastic tarps in the rain
The Sun shines today
And reveals all our faults

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Photos number 7

new westminster towers
Voltage lines, North Van
Buttertubs Marsh, Nanaimo
Dad came through with the Super8

Rain city number 2

Rain and the way we live
A distant people
running from place to place
and from each other
plastic is all that protects us
Huddled with one another
Aloof in some way
Suffering long again
into the spring
We have made it another year