Monday, March 19, 2012

Durko's art in Seattle!

11 of my paintings will be on display at Warren Knapp Gallery for the next three months. If you happen to be in the Capitol Hill hood, check it out.

1530 Melrose Ave., Seattle, WA.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The tea
and the paper
news is the blues
don't wanna feel that way
have morals
like don't steal
don't kill
and tell the truth
as much as you can
most of the time
you hide behind
the story you've refined
it's as good as gold
a ticker tape parade
wouldn't stop you from showing up
wouldn't keep the peace
a distraction of disasters
you found yourself growing up
the time passes like a train
you have to hold on
no matter what
it always takes you where you want to go
but you will get there
next thing you will be wearing pajamas
and slippers


Singing songs about the line
is what we did
those nights in the basement
or in the kitchen
or up on stage
never saw much success
a few high points along the way
like a road sign
shot full of holes
or dents from rocks and BBs
many a night on that highway
bugs on the windshield
snow on the road
or in our eyes
the burden of those memories
always stays with me
Writing songs about beer
no fear of the future
for a while
it faded like the daylight
and it did
Old cars
and one room apartments
led to nowhere
time not well wasted
after a while
it got a little old
you found yourself lost in the aisles
or in a hole, so I've been told
hanging round the neighbourhood
Trying to look good
there were a lot of signs
but I wasn't listening
I wasn't looking
I was mis-tooken
and faking it
demonstrating it
the cat was out of the bag by then
Like partners on parole
checking in enough to check out
without detection
Our dictations
went far into the night, at times
a dead reckoning for sure
or at least a story
from those years
may we live in ironic times
and those of us here, do
you wouldn't believe how much has changed
and how much has stayed the same
what shall we do
when it comes time to lay our cards on the table?
when the dreams become the living?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

birthday girl

Love does grow on trees
round here
I hear
it's your birthday
another one gone
more behind you now
as you get older
and forget more memories
you find it real
to live in the now
like light, you move quickly
like fog, you hold mystery
your outlook is promising
the further you go
like a road trip
we all must stop for fuel
and a pee break every now and then
my friend, you are the one they revere
the one they seek guidance from
the little things like smiles
creep across your face
and into the room
your duty is to live

Monday, March 5, 2012

Encumbered by the past
I drag my feet along
And tell everyone about it.
The chocolate and cheese
Are taking their toll.
I roll around the room
Like a groom on the big night
It frightens me
I am enlightened and free
Going the distance for resistance
My art is business
Blood, sweat and fitness
Wood, paint and liquid