Friday, February 24, 2012


Such a good trip
the kind that gives you goose bumps
and makes you not pay attention
at work all week
the kind that moves you like a mountain is moved
but all at once
not one stone at a time
Rain fell
and should be capitalised
for it's unwanted grandeur
and knack for upstaging the party
and demanding
in no uncertain terms
to be heard
The hills and trees passed by
like the cars and trucks and fences
We the people
we the fools
when it comes right down to it
and by we
I mean all of us
all who participate
I love the wind
and the raindrops in our faces
The stories never cease
Like a disease, they grow on and on
And continue like a comic or a soap opera
the actors eventually quit
but their faces remain for us all and places and names
a calendric reminder of our own age
the creep creep creep of our lives
It all seems to mean more and become precious
the older you get
You want to protect it
you want to stand up for it
whatever that is
It means different things to different people
It means the same thing to most of us
And speaking of love
all the rest are borne of that
Trying to achieve it is our most predictable thing
Learning to give and receive it
is our most punishing task
And the sheer beauty of life is the reward
if we can find it
we found it together

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