Friday, January 6, 2012


The shadow of you on the wall
grows in size
the sunshine dapples
I left a trace of myself
out there in the world
You can still see the Sun when it rains
on the way to your place
The singer sings the song
That takes away your fear
My dear
Heavier than heaven
Is what you said
On your way out the door
The wheel of time turns
The best of albums are churned out
An el Dorado of cold nights and lonely travels
And guitar songs
Surrender of hearts
The higher power
I get the feeling of enchantment
but dissolution and no solution
for your institutions
And your war of attrition
All these nations
written on their faces
A disgrace
A waste of time and space
A train off the tracks
We cannot relax
As long as the lunatics have the axe
They grind and find ways
To buy another day
Another life
Lost, the cost of all this is staggering
We all pay for it
We all wait for it
We yearn for the urn of our own ashes
We lash out with the whip of distinction
The treason is so real you can taste it
A man in cuffs isn't enough
For me to be happy
I wanna see him dead
For the misdeeds
of a common miscreant
But if you wanna talk justice
It's just us in this conversation
And nobody else
The way you felt is the way you liked
The spike is hidden in the tree of your heart
Leave the trap for the merciful
The weak, the ones who brave it all
For those who have not yet been born
The scorn I have heard constantly
Since I was young
I was eaten by the old
My wings clipped
My story not told
The first time I left
I never came back
I did not want to live it again
My old friends
They wouldn't understand
A child is okay to learn
But I can't anymore
I have learned enough
Now I drive with the radio off

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