Thursday, December 8, 2011

Short Poems for New Westminster part 2

Time changes all through life
Though, so slowly
You rarely take notice
Nary a thought goes to it
As you look through lost pictures
Of the fire that is you
You see yourself as courageous
All the things you have fought for
Win or lose, you knew the reason for the fight
Was the fight itself
Standing on the steps
Berating who contradict
The ideal view, which was your own
As you grew whiskers
And the whiskers became grey
You got the hang of living
And living, you realised
Meant giving
It's hard to be honest with yourself
When you know the explanation
For your tribulations
Lies within
The walls didn't go up overnight
The bricks were laid as you went along
Through your life
The polarisation burned you
Like an ant under a magnifying glass
Sometimes you do battle
The majority spent hiding in the safe house
Of the world you create and foster
An impostor, in your own experience
A mask of a smile in the crowd
Do you think others tire of you?
Most do not, people recognise incapacity
And embrace the face
That you are working so hard to put out there
Who we are is who we share
And now Christmas is coming
And you dread it in a way
Why do you do this to yourself every year?
Your moxie makes it happen
Selfless, relentless apprentice
The frequency is the barometer
It isn't how much but when?
It isn't here, it is there
We all dream of what lies
Round the next bend
Because one can never have too many friends
Decisions are the things that break you

Shake you down

Or make you

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