Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Short Poems for New Westminster part 1

Fenced yard next to track and traffic
Sound of trucks and trains
Turquoise bricks and sign and stone
Plastic table and chairs
Pots of dead flowers
Stairs up
Or down
The back of a once proud building
Boarded windows
Housing for God knows who
Or what
A community, all the same
Only shame finds it's way
If you let it in
In the din of the day
The quiet of the night
The life is lived
And here they found love
And spent the days
Pining away

Old and new
Transportation, motion, industry, food
History of this place
And the future
Tides and currents
Tug and Barge
Day or night
Shimmering light
Fog, rain, blue
Me and you
Found our home
Birds on the water
On the wire
Curio shops and cops
Construction of community
In the place of
Growth, change, hope

Stood and admired the look and feel of the wood and brick
Shadows of wires and poles danced upon it's surface
The structure had meant many things to many people
Eras and lives had come and gone within these walls
And now on this crisp, fall morning
The sky is blue and full of promise
A day with the hope and innocence of a child
Time has stalled for this place
But it will start again one day

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