Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 60, Mom

Your voice

That I could hear

With my head pressed against your chest

As you spoke with your friends

And drank coffee

Your bags of wool

Knitting needles


Cut-outs of paper

Plans for future sweaters, hats and mitts

Driving Ian to school in Squamish

In the big, blue Ford

Wearing your slippers

and stopping at the Brackendale store for milk

Taking me to my first day of Grade 1

I cried and begged you not to leave

You held it together

And probably snuck out

When I wasn't looking

Teaching Gina how to walk

in the living room

in the house on Maple

You were patient

Never gave up

All the years of childhood

You listened to our problems

And put in as much effort to solve them

As if they were your own

Accepting our friends

Even if they were of questionable character

And some were

Some still are

As I grow older

I see that other parents need parenting

Acting as children themselves

And I am blessed

That you are you

Always work hard

At the office for others in need

For your family

Your friends

Taking pride in our accomplishments

No matter how small

Sacrificing your time for others

Maybe too much sometimes…

Never instilled fear in us

Only courage and awareness

It is your fault I became such a bleeding heart!

Passed your caring on

All our whims were entertained

Music lessons and baseball games

Walking the dogs and getting them trained

It came from love

From your heart

Your brain

We moved around more than most

But we always had a home

Wherever we were

Safe, warm, fed, full of hope

It was you

It still is

Your home is full of laughter

Security of self

Wealth of character

Trust, joy, confidence

A mother can be many things...

A leader

A teacher

A friend

A confidante

You are all these things and more

Everyone that knows you

Everyone in this room

Will concur with what I have said

They know these words are truth

Sixty years of living life

Sixty years of giving love

Sixty years of teaching others

What it means to live by your code

A daughter

A mother

A wife

A friend

Passion to give

Is the way

You have always lived

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