Monday, September 12, 2011

Words by Yogiuday, from the hills of Northern India...

Communism, capitalism (in its current evolution) and democracy all came about as a direct result of the state of affairs that existed in society at the time.   They are all excellent systems, which aim to bring about a bigger middle class, offering better health, education, safety and general well being for a greater proportion of the population.  Prior to the implementation of these systems, there were mainly kings and serfs and not much between.

What the original thinkers of these systems neglected to consider was, of course, human nature; the search for power and inherent greed, based on fear, which have brought all of these great systems into disrepute and have left the world in its current broken state, slowly reverting to corporate kingdoms and unnecessary serfs.  Democracy dies when it is suffocated by money and secrets. Lobbyists, selective media, marketing and greedy interests have seen to that.

The remaining royalty in Europe, some before, some after the revolutions, took the hint and evolved their kingdoms so that they were no longer in power, but retained important ceremonial and traditional roles to suit the new culture.  They survived.

Again we are seeing revolutions throughout the world; the people are marching across Europe, Israel, the Arab lands, South America, North America.   People are tired of their corporate rulers and puppet governments who take and take and take for themselves, such as the trillions of dollars recently given to banks and the car industry followed by taking away all the services which the serfs need and depend upon for their life and livelihood, hospitals, schools, the arts, libraries etc..

The problem now is that most governments across the world are so corrupt and so blind to any progressive vision and so afraid and so greedy and so addicted to power and game playing and finger pointing and control that they do not see what is happening right before their eyes and continue to play the same game.

Anyone with any vision can see a new system, a new idea, a new hope is needed, and not just words like “Yes, We can”, but a real change, like something that gives back to the people and the planet, like something that does not put economy first before all other things in our world.   The corporate royalty and their hangers on need to take the hint for their own survival if nothing else and adapt and consider new options.    It doesn’t have to be a system that will work forever, but one that works for now, because things will change, as they always do.

Clinging to old, outdated ideas, systems or relationships is harmful to everyone involved. Remaining stuck to the television and to old habits and choosing harmful pharmaceuticals (if unnecessary) and imitation food kills the physical and mental body.
Anger and fear destroy all hope.
Greed steals dreams.

A new way for the world starts with each of us taking back responsibility for our own life, our own health, happiness and dreams.  Give more to your neighbours and to strangers. Make your “enemy” feel safe.  Make do with less.  Simplify.  Your happiness will skyrocket and it will be contagious, like laughing.  One day we will see a world leader laugh when he gets hit with a protest pie and that, my friends, will be a sign of real change.

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