Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RE: Libya

Well, here we are again, another evil dictator has fallen, by the 'triumph of the people'.
There is not too much coverage (in fact, I have seen none) of the NATO forces that have been pounding Libya since April. I find this interesting and here is why:

All we have seen on our television sets for the last four months is pictures of rag-tag rebels, with substandard weaponry and equipment to do battle with Gadaffi's forces. We see them again and again, in their beat up old cars and trucks, with machine guns mounted on the back, driving off toward some distant battle.
At the outbreak of this war, we heard that NATO forces were helping the rebels, but only by counselling them in the art of warfare. Then, some countries began selling 'much needed' arms to the rebel forces. But, how would these forces afford this state-of-the-art weaponry? Well, loans, of course, provided by some bank somewhere, but let's not worry about details like that, shall we?
The NATO warplanes began their missions with a bomb here and a bomb there but soon, they were carrying out full scale attacks that eventually expanded into the capital city of Tripoli. There have been massive casualties and destruction of property.
We will never know the extent because, well, we never really do, do we?
There's lots of shots of those rag-tag rebels though, still in their old wrecked cars. I thought they had been given state-of-the-art weapons and gear...
Fast forward to now, and Gaddafi and his family are on the run and NATO is bombing the hell out of Tripoli and other parts of the country.
Is this starting to sound familiar folks? I know I have heard this shit before.
In the end, Gaddafi will be captured or killed by the rag-tag rebels. (Hopefully captured, think of the photo opportunities) But wait, that canary will sing about a lot of past indiscretions regarding western oil producers, governments and corporations. I think we can all agree that it would be better for all concerned that the dictator ends up dead. I am not denying this man is an evil fucking pig, it's just that all these despots that have been supported by western governments, end up on the international shit list when they no longer want to play ball with the big boys. Hell, it is easy to get the world to turn on a dictator...
To sum up or make some kind of a point, I think the whole rebel force is a complete farce. I don't think it exists. It is a bunch of idiots with crappy cars, crappy guns and bad teeth, that happen to be in the right place at the right time. Do we really believe this gang is taking over a country?
The jet fighters and bombers of our countries' forces are what is taking over Libya, my friends. Make no mistake about it. The money has been made in the sale of arms, the procurement of cash for those arms, the deployment of forces, the detonation of ordinance, the clean-up, emergency services, trauma services, infrastructure rebuilding, security contracts and resource re-allocation (in this case, oil)
Anyone that tells you there is no money in warfare is a total fucking liar.
War has been privatised in the last few decades and there is piles of money to be made off of the spoils of war. And not only the fighting but all the tertiary 'opportunities' that arise due to the conflict.
So, before we all pat ourselves on the back and feel good about helping the 'people' overthrow a dictator, think about what you are being shown on the six o'clock news. It may be the greatest story ever manufactured.
The reason they have 'created' this so called rebel force is due to the fact that we have all become tired of the colonial sight of western forces bombing yet another resource rich country into the 'stone age'.
It looks a lot better if the locals get into the game.
I urge you to stay on top of what happens in Libya in the coming months regarding who gets the lucrative contracts for the post war booty. Because that will help us better understand the real reason for this conflict that seemed to come out of nowhere.
We must ask ourselves why NATO was so eager to 'help' the uprising in Libya, while it has utterly ignored the uprisings in Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and all the other countries that have dictators but the oil rights are secure or those dictators are playing by the rules.
If the last invasion and take-over of a country began with shock and awe, then this one began with the thin edge of the wedge.
And that wasn't for Libya's sake. It was for ours. Think about it.

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