Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, John Henry

It's your birthday again
My friend
You left without warning
You left us all wondering
A new chapter in the book
The last, for you
Burned out
Never faded away
Forever young
And all that
Fascinated you
What a time you had
But, like your Dad
You walked away
It was always your choice to make
You have missed some since
The birth of a child
The captain's smile
Seasons changed
And, of course
Many things have stayed the same
Heath left on his bike
If you were here
You would be with him
You probably are anyway
Keep him safe
There are reasons for this ride
One of them is you
That time your bike was lost
Along with some of your dreams
You tried again later
But they turned you back
At the border
I guess that is what the world felt like
A lot of the time
A wall falling on you
A tide that you couldn't turn back
Hair of the dog
Sitting on a log
With your guitar in hand
The bicycles were always in top gear
No fear, is why all the broken bones
You demanded their attention
You demanded they all love you
Or hate you
It doesn't matter which
Because, in the end
It's all the same, isn't it?
They all lie awake at night
Going over it in their heads
Trying to remember what was said
How pointless
Specifics are terrific in mathematics
which you liked, but not life
"What a waste", people said
But life is already short
You may have lived enough
Now we all come together
On the weekend
To remember
You, We, It
The thing, that we had
We'll never have again
The thing about life
Is it keeps rolling on
After you are gone
We went to Surfer's Paradise
A post modern party on the beach
I laughed to myself
Instantly knowing why you loved it
And why I had to leave
As we drove away
I pictured you there
in happier times...
When I go to see your parents this year
I will not be searching for you
You could be anywhere
It will be me I look for
As I try to unlock another door
On my quest for understanding
Life is a nexus
Directions and divisions
Given, taken
For love.


  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.

  2. It's great that some asshole writes the comment above which has nothing to do with the loss of your great friend. People - they're the worst.