Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear Jack,
It has been a week since you left us and I can't believe you are gone. You were the only hope I have had in politics in this country of imbeciles for a very long time. Let's face it, you may be the only hope I have had in my whole life in politics.
You received a lot of support in the last election from young people and Quebecers. I have voted for you three times, in 2006, 2008 and in 2011. I have always voted Green in previous elections but you were a real environmentalist, so I felt that my policies were best represented by you in Ottawa. I was sure happy this last election, when your party accelerated to official opposition status. How exciting! I felt so happy that the people that I have supported were finally getting a voice in this country.
How could the corporate, fascist media continue to ignore you, with opposition party status? Well, I am sure they try to.
You knew the corporate media sucked and that is why you were on Twitter and many other social networking sites, connecting with the people, long before King Harper and the asshole from Harvard ever were. I guarantee they copied you when they put up their own lame profiles. They probably had their aides do it, anyway.
I want to thank you for representing Canadians, the environment, same sex couples, immigrants, workers, clean energy, cities, women, children, unions, animals and the list goes on, I am sure.
Your life reads like a book in defence of anyone or anything that could not speak for themselves.
You were an inspiration to me in so many ways and I will miss you greatly.

And to all those in the right wing pundit and media world, who took this opportunity to slander you or your name, I am not going to say anything about them or to them because they already have enough hate in their sad world.
Besides, those who did come out against you in this past week, have felt the wrath from all walks and stripes.

Take care, wherever you are. You will be missed. Peace.

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