Sunday, August 28, 2011

Because everything is political...

Everything is political
they say
I ride my bike without thought
to politics
But bike lanes are political
I walk through the forest
Thinking, planning, being
Parks are political
A park is a loss of profit
to some
Not a loss to the deer
Or the fish in the streams
It seems
Is singing a political act?
It depends on your choice of words
My words are honest
not meant to enrage
Only serve to engage
the people
A fight is political
So is peace
Peace often upsets the balance of power
More than a fight
Because peace is free
I have seen a flower
used as politics
Shoved into the barrel of a gun
Just for fun
Like a clown
Or a mime
It's time, we forget
about the love that we've lost
in the mire of thoughts
A discourse so vain
It drove us all insane
The brains are on the loose again
How could you be so bold
at a time like this?
The writers hunker down
like soldiers in a trench
ready to trot out the words
like so many have done before
'This means war!'
they shall declare
Like the time our freedom went
And never came back
On the attack,
and in defence of love
and their God above
They say this isn't politics
But it is
Plain and simple
Like everything else
I need a password to get in
Or I don't belong and neither do you
To the club of hangers-on
The line watchers have spoken
The truth is in the punch
in your face
That you will receive
If you get in the way
It's all political
They say
I guess they're right
Aren't they?

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