Monday, August 8, 2011

Another letter to Yogiuday...

Thank you for the email regarding the beautiful flowers. They truly are the creation of a higher power.
I also appreciated your disgust about the BBC omitting the fact that there have been riots on the streets of London for days. The death of that young man sparked the flare-up but there are myriad reasons why people have taken to the streets of that city. There is much tension in the world and it is not only in the developing world, as the corporate media would have us believe.
The corporate media have become some an absolute fucking waste of time that I have sworn off it altogether. Including the CBC. No more brainwash, no more bullshit, no more corporate one-liners to help me get through the day.
The CBC, NPR, BBC are all falling in line with their masters. Anybody that says the media has a liberal bias is obviously a fucking nazi, or worse.
There is nothing left of the left. The left is dead. Long live the left!
It is time for a global revolution and I see no other way of changing the current state of affairs. Our keepers have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to take everything from us and keep it all for themselves. They will stop at nothing to maintain their riches.
The world and her people can no longer afford this paradigm of greed and selfishness. These dogs must be culled.
There will be violence, we will never avoid that. We live in a world where there are millions of people starving and dying of diseases, animals are treated with the utmost cruelty, hardcore violence has become the staple for entertainment and war is so common, it has become an excuse for peace.
The most popular thing on television is two men beating the fuck out of each other. More people watch American Idol than vote for their government.
Every time the citizens of a country gather in a group to demand justice from their leaders, 5,000 riot police show up and beat them into submission.
I expect nothing BUT violence from the people of this planet.
The US government outlawed trading in gold the other day because people are buying it up in droves, as their economy slips into the deeper part of this recession. But corporations can still buy and sell gold. Just not you and me.
But our tax dollars can bail out billionaire bankers, tycoon oil men, hedge fund managers, fund wars that 86% of us are against, while we blame immigrants for our problems or a black president, our neighbours, atheists, gay people, lefties, unions, hippies, teachers, climate scientists, alarmists, democrats, feminists, bike lanes, public transit, taxes, elections, senators, Islam, the Jews, rock and roll, smart people, dumb people, brown people, Chinese people, Indians, David Suzuki, Greenpeace, drugs, alcohol, the education system and many other things that are the reason for this world falling apart at the seams.
Oh yeah, and what the hell is going on with the nuclear meltdown that is STILL HAPPENING in Japan!? Wouldn't we like to know!?!????
The fucking UN famine aid finally arrives in Somalia? What the fuck does it take for these lizards to do anything? Like, the UN bombs arrived in Libya twice as fast as the food for millions of starving people.
I rest my case.
A dark and violent period in humanity's history is about to begin....

Peace to all :)

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