Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RE: Libya

Well, here we are again, another evil dictator has fallen, by the 'triumph of the people'.
There is not too much coverage (in fact, I have seen none) of the NATO forces that have been pounding Libya since April. I find this interesting and here is why:

All we have seen on our television sets for the last four months is pictures of rag-tag rebels, with substandard weaponry and equipment to do battle with Gadaffi's forces. We see them again and again, in their beat up old cars and trucks, with machine guns mounted on the back, driving off toward some distant battle.
At the outbreak of this war, we heard that NATO forces were helping the rebels, but only by counselling them in the art of warfare. Then, some countries began selling 'much needed' arms to the rebel forces. But, how would these forces afford this state-of-the-art weaponry? Well, loans, of course, provided by some bank somewhere, but let's not worry about details like that, shall we?
The NATO warplanes began their missions with a bomb here and a bomb there but soon, they were carrying out full scale attacks that eventually expanded into the capital city of Tripoli. There have been massive casualties and destruction of property.
We will never know the extent because, well, we never really do, do we?
There's lots of shots of those rag-tag rebels though, still in their old wrecked cars. I thought they had been given state-of-the-art weapons and gear...
Fast forward to now, and Gaddafi and his family are on the run and NATO is bombing the hell out of Tripoli and other parts of the country.
Is this starting to sound familiar folks? I know I have heard this shit before.
In the end, Gaddafi will be captured or killed by the rag-tag rebels. (Hopefully captured, think of the photo opportunities) But wait, that canary will sing about a lot of past indiscretions regarding western oil producers, governments and corporations. I think we can all agree that it would be better for all concerned that the dictator ends up dead. I am not denying this man is an evil fucking pig, it's just that all these despots that have been supported by western governments, end up on the international shit list when they no longer want to play ball with the big boys. Hell, it is easy to get the world to turn on a dictator...
To sum up or make some kind of a point, I think the whole rebel force is a complete farce. I don't think it exists. It is a bunch of idiots with crappy cars, crappy guns and bad teeth, that happen to be in the right place at the right time. Do we really believe this gang is taking over a country?
The jet fighters and bombers of our countries' forces are what is taking over Libya, my friends. Make no mistake about it. The money has been made in the sale of arms, the procurement of cash for those arms, the deployment of forces, the detonation of ordinance, the clean-up, emergency services, trauma services, infrastructure rebuilding, security contracts and resource re-allocation (in this case, oil)
Anyone that tells you there is no money in warfare is a total fucking liar.
War has been privatised in the last few decades and there is piles of money to be made off of the spoils of war. And not only the fighting but all the tertiary 'opportunities' that arise due to the conflict.
So, before we all pat ourselves on the back and feel good about helping the 'people' overthrow a dictator, think about what you are being shown on the six o'clock news. It may be the greatest story ever manufactured.
The reason they have 'created' this so called rebel force is due to the fact that we have all become tired of the colonial sight of western forces bombing yet another resource rich country into the 'stone age'.
It looks a lot better if the locals get into the game.
I urge you to stay on top of what happens in Libya in the coming months regarding who gets the lucrative contracts for the post war booty. Because that will help us better understand the real reason for this conflict that seemed to come out of nowhere.
We must ask ourselves why NATO was so eager to 'help' the uprising in Libya, while it has utterly ignored the uprisings in Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and all the other countries that have dictators but the oil rights are secure or those dictators are playing by the rules.
If the last invasion and take-over of a country began with shock and awe, then this one began with the thin edge of the wedge.
And that wasn't for Libya's sake. It was for ours. Think about it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dear Jack,
It has been a week since you left us and I can't believe you are gone. You were the only hope I have had in politics in this country of imbeciles for a very long time. Let's face it, you may be the only hope I have had in my whole life in politics.
You received a lot of support in the last election from young people and Quebecers. I have voted for you three times, in 2006, 2008 and in 2011. I have always voted Green in previous elections but you were a real environmentalist, so I felt that my policies were best represented by you in Ottawa. I was sure happy this last election, when your party accelerated to official opposition status. How exciting! I felt so happy that the people that I have supported were finally getting a voice in this country.
How could the corporate, fascist media continue to ignore you, with opposition party status? Well, I am sure they try to.
You knew the corporate media sucked and that is why you were on Twitter and many other social networking sites, connecting with the people, long before King Harper and the asshole from Harvard ever were. I guarantee they copied you when they put up their own lame profiles. They probably had their aides do it, anyway.
I want to thank you for representing Canadians, the environment, same sex couples, immigrants, workers, clean energy, cities, women, children, unions, animals and the list goes on, I am sure.
Your life reads like a book in defence of anyone or anything that could not speak for themselves.
You were an inspiration to me in so many ways and I will miss you greatly.

And to all those in the right wing pundit and media world, who took this opportunity to slander you or your name, I am not going to say anything about them or to them because they already have enough hate in their sad world.
Besides, those who did come out against you in this past week, have felt the wrath from all walks and stripes.

Take care, wherever you are. You will be missed. Peace.

Because everything is political...

Everything is political
they say
I ride my bike without thought
to politics
But bike lanes are political
I walk through the forest
Thinking, planning, being
Parks are political
A park is a loss of profit
to some
Not a loss to the deer
Or the fish in the streams
It seems
Is singing a political act?
It depends on your choice of words
My words are honest
not meant to enrage
Only serve to engage
the people
A fight is political
So is peace
Peace often upsets the balance of power
More than a fight
Because peace is free
I have seen a flower
used as politics
Shoved into the barrel of a gun
Just for fun
Like a clown
Or a mime
It's time, we forget
about the love that we've lost
in the mire of thoughts
A discourse so vain
It drove us all insane
The brains are on the loose again
How could you be so bold
at a time like this?
The writers hunker down
like soldiers in a trench
ready to trot out the words
like so many have done before
'This means war!'
they shall declare
Like the time our freedom went
And never came back
On the attack,
and in defence of love
and their God above
They say this isn't politics
But it is
Plain and simple
Like everything else
I need a password to get in
Or I don't belong and neither do you
To the club of hangers-on
The line watchers have spoken
The truth is in the punch
in your face
That you will receive
If you get in the way
It's all political
They say
I guess they're right
Aren't they?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, John Henry

It's your birthday again
My friend
You left without warning
You left us all wondering
A new chapter in the book
The last, for you
Burned out
Never faded away
Forever young
And all that
Fascinated you
What a time you had
But, like your Dad
You walked away
It was always your choice to make
You have missed some since
The birth of a child
The captain's smile
Seasons changed
And, of course
Many things have stayed the same
Heath left on his bike
If you were here
You would be with him
You probably are anyway
Keep him safe
There are reasons for this ride
One of them is you
That time your bike was lost
Along with some of your dreams
You tried again later
But they turned you back
At the border
I guess that is what the world felt like
A lot of the time
A wall falling on you
A tide that you couldn't turn back
Hair of the dog
Sitting on a log
With your guitar in hand
The bicycles were always in top gear
No fear, is why all the broken bones
You demanded their attention
You demanded they all love you
Or hate you
It doesn't matter which
Because, in the end
It's all the same, isn't it?
They all lie awake at night
Going over it in their heads
Trying to remember what was said
How pointless
Specifics are terrific in mathematics
which you liked, but not life
"What a waste", people said
But life is already short
You may have lived enough
Now we all come together
On the weekend
To remember
You, We, It
The thing, that we had
We'll never have again
The thing about life
Is it keeps rolling on
After you are gone
We went to Surfer's Paradise
A post modern party on the beach
I laughed to myself
Instantly knowing why you loved it
And why I had to leave
As we drove away
I pictured you there
in happier times...
When I go to see your parents this year
I will not be searching for you
You could be anywhere
It will be me I look for
As I try to unlock another door
On my quest for understanding
Life is a nexus
Directions and divisions
Given, taken
For love.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

London Calling...

I am on a media 'black-out' right now, so I have only caught small glimpses of the riot aftermath in the UK. It seems to be taking the lead on all the news stations, which is interesting. I was puzzled at first because the media rarely report on civil unrest if it is not in a poor, developing, Muslim country. Our keepers do not like to show that they have lost control in any way. The only way they show unrest is if they can blame it on immigrants, radicals, people that are not white. Basically, not 'us', it is 'them'.
The slant of the story seems to be that the looters are 'immigrants' or 'anarchists'. So, I rest my case. However, there has been a lot of massive protests in England lately because of their new 'austerity' measures. Those measures are slashing social programs, while keeping corporate and elite tax cuts. It is the soup du jour, around the world, right now.
None of those protests were covered at length in the corporate media, even though a million people took to the streets some days. Those protests did not quite fit in with the story that has been developed by our masters. I mean, the people on the streets were tax paying, responsible citizenry, demanding social justice. These people could not be given a voice. Others would start to ask questions...
But groups of 'mostly visible minorities' on the streets, smashing, burning and looting? Now there's a story the media could get behind. Oh, the senselessness of it all! The futility!
"We let these people into our country and this is how they behave? See? This is exactly what we were talking about..."
They never make the connection that this rioting started as a political uprising. The people are tired of having everything taken from them and all they get in return is the truncheon of some jack booted fucking pig.
And it is not just the 'immigrants' that know this truth, I can assure you. The UK has been on a steady decline since that nazi, Thatcher was in power.
Anyway, I get carried away. Any time I can squeeze nazi and conservatives into the same sentence, you know I will.
The rioting was borne of oppression, an act of protest against the shooting of an unarmed man, by the police. That is how it began. Period. Then it spread from there very quickly, because that social unrest is right beneath the surface. All it takes is a spark during times like these.
The media, in their credit, did report this facet of the story. But they soon found some young apolitical, opportunistic looters to focus their cameras on and then that was the way the rest of this story unfolded. It is the way it always unfolds, my friends. Unless, of course, the rioters are in a foreign country and are against a government that the West is also against. Then, the rioters will be seen as noble and desperate, even heroes...
Otherwise, they will be painted as hooligans or anarchists. Ah, the poor anarchists, they seem to take the fall for a lot, don't they? They are such an easy target. After all, in a society that is fixated on security and law, a group of people that believe in nothing are a dangerous lot, are they not? Like shooting fish in a fucking barrel.
So what is the outcome of all this rioting? More laws. More laws. More laws. And perhaps a royal commission? The Brits love enquiries. And we here, in Canada, love enquiries, too. We inherited this from them.
What will come out of these commissions and enquiries?
They will pass new laws that will control people more effectively. Period. That is what they do. They love situations like this because they can 'profit' from them. And by profit, I mean that they can trick the general population into thinking that more laws need to be passed, in order to avoid these types of situations in the future.
And in a world that is becoming increasingly pissed off that the billionaires and power brokers are stealing everything, more control of the public is needed.
Many people that were interviewed said that the police were doing little to stop the rioting. Why would the police let people run amok? See the above statement^
What the media seemed to really focus on throughout this debacle was the fact that the rioters were using social media sites to connect with each other and stay abreast of the police.
When I noticed this vein of reporting, I knew what was coming and yesterday morning I heard a statement from David Cameron that I was waiting for.
He said that the government was considering tabling a bill to be able to shut down certain social media sites when they see fit.
So, there it is. That is the 'profit' that they gain from these riots. They will be able to shut down Twitter, Facebook, etc. when the situation becomes dire. Dire will be decided by them. The sites will be decided by them. The duration of the shutdown will be decided by them.
Sound familiar?
First world governments the world over took a lesson from the recent Arab Spring uprising. First, the protestors were able to communicate with each other and get pictures and video out to the rest of the planet, via social networking sites. They even dubbed the Egyptian uprising the 'Facebook Revolution'.
Second, they took note that the regimes of these Arab nations were able to stifle the communication easily by shutting down access to these sites.
Make no mistake, there were many people taking notes on that situation.
Remember, our oppression will always be disguised as our safety. People always choose tyranny over anarchy. Especially the people in the world today, who are obsessed with security and safety, at any cost.
Now, all the governments of the world will begin passing bills that will require that internet providers relinquish access to the keepers, whenever the keepers deem it to be necessary. Hell, they will probably even come up with a handy little colour coded system to gauge when the time is just right to take our freedom away. Yellow, orange, red, etc...
And the people will gladly give up their freedom for a little bit of security.
Trading liberty for security is one of our favourite past times after all, isn't it?
All you have to do is take a trip through any international airport to see proof of that.

One thing is for sure, though. After all the bills are passed into law and the governments feel safe, knowing that they have an 'off' switch for discourse, there will be a hundred new sites for humans to communicate with each other.
As there always have been and there always will be.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Another letter to Yogiuday...

Thank you for the email regarding the beautiful flowers. They truly are the creation of a higher power.
I also appreciated your disgust about the BBC omitting the fact that there have been riots on the streets of London for days. The death of that young man sparked the flare-up but there are myriad reasons why people have taken to the streets of that city. There is much tension in the world and it is not only in the developing world, as the corporate media would have us believe.
The corporate media have become some an absolute fucking waste of time that I have sworn off it altogether. Including the CBC. No more brainwash, no more bullshit, no more corporate one-liners to help me get through the day.
The CBC, NPR, BBC are all falling in line with their masters. Anybody that says the media has a liberal bias is obviously a fucking nazi, or worse.
There is nothing left of the left. The left is dead. Long live the left!
It is time for a global revolution and I see no other way of changing the current state of affairs. Our keepers have made it abundantly clear that they are willing to take everything from us and keep it all for themselves. They will stop at nothing to maintain their riches.
The world and her people can no longer afford this paradigm of greed and selfishness. These dogs must be culled.
There will be violence, we will never avoid that. We live in a world where there are millions of people starving and dying of diseases, animals are treated with the utmost cruelty, hardcore violence has become the staple for entertainment and war is so common, it has become an excuse for peace.
The most popular thing on television is two men beating the fuck out of each other. More people watch American Idol than vote for their government.
Every time the citizens of a country gather in a group to demand justice from their leaders, 5,000 riot police show up and beat them into submission.
I expect nothing BUT violence from the people of this planet.
The US government outlawed trading in gold the other day because people are buying it up in droves, as their economy slips into the deeper part of this recession. But corporations can still buy and sell gold. Just not you and me.
But our tax dollars can bail out billionaire bankers, tycoon oil men, hedge fund managers, fund wars that 86% of us are against, while we blame immigrants for our problems or a black president, our neighbours, atheists, gay people, lefties, unions, hippies, teachers, climate scientists, alarmists, democrats, feminists, bike lanes, public transit, taxes, elections, senators, Islam, the Jews, rock and roll, smart people, dumb people, brown people, Chinese people, Indians, David Suzuki, Greenpeace, drugs, alcohol, the education system and many other things that are the reason for this world falling apart at the seams.
Oh yeah, and what the hell is going on with the nuclear meltdown that is STILL HAPPENING in Japan!? Wouldn't we like to know!?!????
The fucking UN famine aid finally arrives in Somalia? What the fuck does it take for these lizards to do anything? Like, the UN bombs arrived in Libya twice as fast as the food for millions of starving people.
I rest my case.
A dark and violent period in humanity's history is about to begin....

Peace to all :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sea Shepherd rides again! Muthafuckas!

The following is from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's website:

"...The Steve Irwin is Free, Thanks to Thousands of Donations!

Due to the generosity of our supporters around the world, we have raised over USD$735,000 to save our flagship Steve Irwin—less than two weeks after the launch of our SOS! - Save Our Ship fundraising campaign! Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible for us to fund a bond to release the vessel from detainment! Together, we will continue to make a difference.

As many of you are aware, on July 15, our flagship vessel the Steve Irwin was detained in the Scottish Shetland Islands pending our ability to fund a bond we estimated to be in the amount of USD$1,411,692.87. The detainment was ordered by British courts due to a civil lawsuit brought against us by Maltese fishing company Fish and Fish Ltd.

The British court set the bond today at £520,000 (approximately USD$846,290). Thankfully, we were able to post the bond earlier today, and the Steve Irwin will soon depart to the Faeroes for Operation Ferocious Isles. The Steve Irwin will join the vesselBrigitte Bardot and her crew, who are already onsite defending pilot whales.

I sincerely thank everyone who donated to help Save Our Ship. Your help enabled us toFree the Steve. However, despite everyone’s best efforts we didn't quite raise the entire amount and had to cut into our already scarce budget to meet the bond amount and Free the Steve. We face the ongoing costs of Operation Ferocious Isles, the transit of our vessels from the northern hemisphere to the southern for Operation Divine Wind, and then the cost of that Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign as well. We are all on the same crew, despite our different roles and varying locations. We all feel that inner drive to protect innocent lives and ecosystems, and I know many of you have given what you can— but please keep your donations coming in. Without your help, we cannot continue this important work.

We are in a war to save our oceans from ourselves, and if we lose, we all lose because if the oceans die, we all die – it’s as simple as that. Thank-you!

For Our Oceans and for the Steve Irwin,..."

-So, who says a small group of dedicated people can't make a difference in this world?