Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maple Ridge Art Crawl

Yesterday I went to the Art Crawl and Farmer's Market
It was in Maple Ridge
When I arrived, there were artists, like me
I was gonna show some of my paintings
Other people were too
Most of them were much older than me
The people, I mean
Not the paintings
The paintings were of flowers and animals
Not my paintings
The other artists
They like painting eagles
And mountain goats
A girl was playing some songs
about her favorite things
more than once
and other songs that are not my favorite
I had my iPod instead
There were some older people in old jeans
who were not artists
But had advice for me
on how to make my painting faster and better
'Use a dremel', one said
'Use some plastic', another said
"I don't understand your art', a guy said
I am sure these people could help me build a fence
with all their helpful advice
There was a lady who was nice
She wanted to know what every little line meant
She painted pictures, too, you see
Once took some art classes
I told her it was abstract representational
She seemed to buy it
Not the art
The explanation
Most people just kept their distance
Especially the men
They probably thought I was some kinda gay
Some even kept their children away
Though they wanted to stay
Tim Hortons coffee
A smokie with ketchup
Chips and slurpees
Trucks, and rims
Look at them spin
The meth addicts across the street
are yelling again
Fat forty somethings
with fat, loud mouths and trainers
speed walk and talk
about their children
who cannot stand them
Neither can I
It's 3 o'clock, start the car
I am taking my art back to the city
Where the scorn is borne of pretentiousness

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