Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Road Ragas

Walk away from you
That is you
It is not possible
I tried many times
I always come back
to me
The same me that wants to run
Away, or through fields
From you, or from myself
I don't fall apart anymore
Too old for the luxury of that
I look for stories instead
To make up, to write
In place of realistic goals
My dreams are sacred
If unfulfilled
Though more seem nonfictional
These days
Music played and I have stayed
To live it out and I love it
Never would have guessed
I would be so satisfied
I feel so sentimental
The incidental love is satiating
And valuable, beyond belief
I looked for truth in every dirty alley
And found it in your hearth
Your heart
From the start
Our written words
Smitten verbs
The sound of music is now
It has carried us along like
a pisces chariot
A valuable occasion
In which to gain information
Sermons, ragas, principles
Guide us through the fog of obfuscation
Dereliction of benediction
The word is bond
The words have been lost
But not by us
The city is filth
But the city is noble
Power to change
Room to grow and be and live
As you wish, which I do
Through our lives, many times
We are lost and then we find
Ourselves, through others
And lovers and strangers
Mothers and daughters
And brothers and fathers
Gather round, with a need to scream
But whisper to each other
Our borders keep us quiet
We erected them to keep others out
But only keep ourselves in
We play the game to win
Every time, it's divine
It is not written, but said
It's easy when we are dead
Why not when we're alive?
Like a hive, we fall in line
Get there on time
And keep the faith
It is the waste of time that we hate
And so much is wasted
This is obvious
As we watch another episode
Make another bed
Drive down the freeway again
If you chase the Sun
You will find what you are looking for
Whatever it may be

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