Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Make way for the Living

Your life
What is it worth?
Have you spent time well?
Or let it spool out
Like a drum?
Those memories of your childhood
You never thought they would disappear
But they have,
Haven't they?
Just remnants now
A decade seems like a year
A year a week
The Sun rises and sets
And yet
You dream of what lies ahead
with the ease of a monk
who is assured of life after death
Another morning
Another breath
It is what keeps us from screaming down the street
"This is the first day of the rest of our lives!"
Romance and road trips separate the soup
that it all becomes in our minds
A gaspacho, a gumbo
A sum of less than it's parts
We know from the start
It takes less brains and more heart
The blood that runs in our veins
Is the numbers on the face of the clock
that never stops
until it does
And it always does
We keep the flag of keys to the gate
because even if we are late
the Saint will let us in
Even if we lose, we win
I stay up late just to live more time
The dreams mean something, too
I just haven't figured it out yet
Waking life is the drug of choice
Make way for the living

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