Monday, June 13, 2011

I received the following letter from some kind and dedicated soul at Oceana, a group that defends the oceans against oil companies and spreads information about government and what they are doing to assist oil companies in their ongoing destruction of the planet.

Last year, as gallons upon gallons of noxious oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of people around the world joined hands and drew a figurative and literal line in the sand to say NO to dirty fossil fuels.

This year, with many in Congress trying to expand offshore drilling, we are joining together again to reaffirm our opposition to offshore drilling and support clean energy.

Will you join hands with me on June 25 and with thousands of other ocean lovers all over the world?

The concept is simple, the message is profound. On June 25, groups will gather on beaches, in parks, and on sidewalks all over the world, to join hands in a demonstration against offshore drilling and to show support for clean energy.

I have to say, these emails are noble and the effort is appreciated. However, I feel that these sorts of actions are laughed at by oil companies and are a total waste of time. Nobody pays attention to this shit anymore. The fact that millions of barrels of oil spilled into the gulf last year has already been forgotten by most people and most definitely the media.

How about people joining hands to participate in some non-violent, direct action against these greedy planet wreckers?

Oil burns, people. And not just in our cars...

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