Thursday, June 23, 2011


Canada single-handedly blocks asbestos from Rotterdam hazards list

"Yes, I can confirm they intervened in the chemicals contact group meeting this afternoon and opposed listing,'' Michael Stanley-Jones of the UN Environment Program said.

Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also initially opposed the listing. However, Stanley-Jones said one-by-one they switched positions after India announced it would support the listing.

That left Canada as the lone voice against the listing.

"All had consented when Canada announced its position opposing listing,'' Stanley-Jones said.

This is really fucking enraging. Canada is fast becoming a global dipshit, with it's seal hunt, tar sands, blocking of climate change talks and this asbestos nightmare. Honestly, I am totally embarrassed and disgusted with this country.
Canada has become a total joke on the world stage and I hope the country is shunned outright by the EU and other major players, until they decide they are just a small, petulant little bastard, among bigger players, that really matter. I mean, really Canada? Who the fuck do you think you are?

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