Thursday, June 23, 2011


Canada single-handedly blocks asbestos from Rotterdam hazards list

"Yes, I can confirm they intervened in the chemicals contact group meeting this afternoon and opposed listing,'' Michael Stanley-Jones of the UN Environment Program said.

Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan also initially opposed the listing. However, Stanley-Jones said one-by-one they switched positions after India announced it would support the listing.

That left Canada as the lone voice against the listing.

"All had consented when Canada announced its position opposing listing,'' Stanley-Jones said.

This is really fucking enraging. Canada is fast becoming a global dipshit, with it's seal hunt, tar sands, blocking of climate change talks and this asbestos nightmare. Honestly, I am totally embarrassed and disgusted with this country.
Canada has become a total joke on the world stage and I hope the country is shunned outright by the EU and other major players, until they decide they are just a small, petulant little bastard, among bigger players, that really matter. I mean, really Canada? Who the fuck do you think you are?

Early Vancity

a very Vancouver house, c. 1947
Granville St. in the 1950s.
English Bay, 1930s.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Road trip south
From Briz
The river
The Art
Streets and buses
A bed and breakfast
Strawberry, coffee, juice
Noodles, soy and wine
Walk home up the hill
Short of breath
But not conversation
Talked about our childhood
What went wrong with me?
Summer again
Warmth of place and space
Left early
Found our way of map
and patience
Motorway 3, then 1
A paradise with a moving tree
Americana everywhere
Authenticity nowhere
Except in our open disdain
Our hour was up
We pulled away
To live another day
South again
Eggs, avocado and tomatoes
fuel for a burning heart
Radio and passing cars
We found our way to the Bay
Another bed
Another breakfast
Another day...

Make way for the Living

Your life
What is it worth?
Have you spent time well?
Or let it spool out
Like a drum?
Those memories of your childhood
You never thought they would disappear
But they have,
Haven't they?
Just remnants now
A decade seems like a year
A year a week
The Sun rises and sets
And yet
You dream of what lies ahead
with the ease of a monk
who is assured of life after death
Another morning
Another breath
It is what keeps us from screaming down the street
"This is the first day of the rest of our lives!"
Romance and road trips separate the soup
that it all becomes in our minds
A gaspacho, a gumbo
A sum of less than it's parts
We know from the start
It takes less brains and more heart
The blood that runs in our veins
Is the numbers on the face of the clock
that never stops
until it does
And it always does
We keep the flag of keys to the gate
because even if we are late
the Saint will let us in
Even if we lose, we win
I stay up late just to live more time
The dreams mean something, too
I just haven't figured it out yet
Waking life is the drug of choice
Make way for the living

Oz Pics 2 too

GoMA, Briz, QLD
Our A320 Airbus, Tullamarine
Lines and colours in the NGV, Fed Sq., Melbourne

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Durko's art in Australia

The following video was played in Federation Square in Melbourne for 2 weeks and in Perth, W.A., for 2 weeks. My piece, Manly, was chosen for the Human Rights Art and Film Festival, with partners, the Australian Broadcast Corporation.
I know, this kind of shit is shameless self promotion but, so what?

Monday, June 13, 2011

I received the following letter from some kind and dedicated soul at Oceana, a group that defends the oceans against oil companies and spreads information about government and what they are doing to assist oil companies in their ongoing destruction of the planet.

Last year, as gallons upon gallons of noxious oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of people around the world joined hands and drew a figurative and literal line in the sand to say NO to dirty fossil fuels.

This year, with many in Congress trying to expand offshore drilling, we are joining together again to reaffirm our opposition to offshore drilling and support clean energy.

Will you join hands with me on June 25 and with thousands of other ocean lovers all over the world?

The concept is simple, the message is profound. On June 25, groups will gather on beaches, in parks, and on sidewalks all over the world, to join hands in a demonstration against offshore drilling and to show support for clean energy.

I have to say, these emails are noble and the effort is appreciated. However, I feel that these sorts of actions are laughed at by oil companies and are a total waste of time. Nobody pays attention to this shit anymore. The fact that millions of barrels of oil spilled into the gulf last year has already been forgotten by most people and most definitely the media.

How about people joining hands to participate in some non-violent, direct action against these greedy planet wreckers?

Oil burns, people. And not just in our cars...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Road Ragas

Walk away from you
That is you
It is not possible
I tried many times
I always come back
to me
The same me that wants to run
Away, or through fields
From you, or from myself
I don't fall apart anymore
Too old for the luxury of that
I look for stories instead
To make up, to write
In place of realistic goals
My dreams are sacred
If unfulfilled
Though more seem nonfictional
These days
Music played and I have stayed
To live it out and I love it
Never would have guessed
I would be so satisfied
I feel so sentimental
The incidental love is satiating
And valuable, beyond belief
I looked for truth in every dirty alley
And found it in your hearth
Your heart
From the start
Our written words
Smitten verbs
The sound of music is now
It has carried us along like
a pisces chariot
A valuable occasion
In which to gain information
Sermons, ragas, principles
Guide us through the fog of obfuscation
Dereliction of benediction
The word is bond
The words have been lost
But not by us
The city is filth
But the city is noble
Power to change
Room to grow and be and live
As you wish, which I do
Through our lives, many times
We are lost and then we find
Ourselves, through others
And lovers and strangers
Mothers and daughters
And brothers and fathers
Gather round, with a need to scream
But whisper to each other
Our borders keep us quiet
We erected them to keep others out
But only keep ourselves in
We play the game to win
Every time, it's divine
It is not written, but said
It's easy when we are dead
Why not when we're alive?
Like a hive, we fall in line
Get there on time
And keep the faith
It is the waste of time that we hate
And so much is wasted
This is obvious
As we watch another episode
Make another bed
Drive down the freeway again
If you chase the Sun
You will find what you are looking for
Whatever it may be

Prahran Junk Shop

Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Born in 1921
Kept the vegetables in a root cellar
That farm never left you
But you left it
Went looking for another way
Than hay, fields and prairie
The coast is where you found it
After the war
Alliford Bay
Navigator in the RCAF
Standing for peace
Always a story to tell
Four children
Lost one
On a bridge in the night
How unfair
Never recovered completely
From that
But you tried
Always knew everyone in town
Stopped to talk in the mall
Service above self
was their motto
It was yours, too
Fruit trees and old tools
Nails and screws in canning jars
Paint and carpet and flowers
Helping others
Quiet, stoic, considerate
Whistling while driving
Sunglasses, aviators
Peaches, pancakes, fried eggs
Puzzles, tobacco tins, Reader's Digest
Rye and seven

A loving God...

God loves us and wants us to be happy...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

E. Coli

Regarding the outbreak of E. coli in Europe, which has claimed the lives of 17 people so far:

PANIC!!!!   PANIC!!!!!!!!     PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!