Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The votes have been cast, the ballots have been counted, the  results have been published. The conservative, Harper government have taken Canada by storm. If you can call a 2% gain, overall, a storm. I would call it a weak and limp crawl across the finish line. I know, all you conservatives are saying it is a windfall, a solid majority to carry out the wishes of the citizens of this great country.
Well, I say fuck that. And I say fuck you to this majority. I do not deny them of their win. I do not deny them of their legal victory. But, I want to know just who these people are. Come on. Who are you? Are you baby boomers? Young people? Are you my grandparents? You are all of these, aren't you?
Well, I understand your fear because we live in a fear based society. We live in a society in which it is normal to dance in the streets when you receive news of the death of a man, a society where you cheer the fallen soldiers of a nation much like yours. A society that distorts the teachings of Jesus to suit its' own capitalist, selfish needs, a society that throws people out onto the streets, while we sleep in the warmth and comfort of our homes.
We have begun to question Roe vs. Wade, we question the word of climate science when we cannot even understand the basic principles of grade 11 science classes. We openly mock a man who calls for equality of men and women, while we idolise a man who takes away the choice of women to make choices regarding their own bodies.
We champion the dropping of bombs on poor people because they refute the principles of democracy, while only just a bit more than half of us even bother to fucking show up at the polls on election day.
We want to deny justice to people who have lost their way and need help.
My friends, this is not the Canadian way!
Or is it? Am I just a relic of the idealistic old Canada? Do I spend my days listening to radio shows on CBC, while ignoring the masses, who demand the privatisation and marginalization of the tenets of Canadian democracy?
I think I am. I have spent years and months and weeks and days standing up for the things that more and more of you want to give away. Like civil liberties, rights, dreams, property, freedom, national unity, pride and peace.
Well, fuck you. I have spent days inhaling tear gas and getting shot with rubber bullets and beaten by police, only to have you fucking sell out whores give it all away.
There are soldiers that have died for you to go to the polls, protesters who have taken the fall for you, legislators who have worked tirelessly to stand up for you.
People like Jaggi Singh, Naomi Klein, Murray Dobbin, Ken Dryden, Bruce Cockburn, Paul Watson, Marc Emery, Ed Broadbent, Maude Barlow, David Suzuki, Michael Moore, Alexandra Morton and countless other people that I have neglected to mention, have worked tirelessly to try to preserve this country and its' people, in the face of corporate and political greed.
And what have you done? You have voted the foxes into the fucking henhouses.
I hope you reap what you have sewn.


  1. ugottabekiddin Kim May
    3400 + tweets and numerous blog and news postings since election called. AND it meant nothing. people voted for what reason? shame? #elxn41

    old_schneewolfe Schnee Wolfe

    @ugottabekiddin 1 it meant that the CPC voter was not listening, 2 they voted based on religion, and family tradition; grndad did so will I


    They voted to protect their own narrow view of the world and their incomes (self interests); my ex in laws and a friend, weren't listening, they own(ed) businesses, and yeah, they are right wing religious fundamentalists, check the brain at the door types; I have spent decades trying to get them to see what I see, and they refuse; their roots are from rural southern Ontario, where voting patterns are handed down from father to son; and are proud of their world ignorance; while I come from Britain,and a political and culturally active family, where we are taught to think about the world we live in;
    Canadians will never understand the broader picture, beyond their own little world, much like the American, who when he sees Country on a form, puts down the County he or she lives in, and may have left on vacation once or twice in their life times, and has no idea of the world beyond those boarders;
    I'm 63 and don't know if I really want to live in a Canada that is dismantling the world that I grew up in; see the work and effort of men like Tommy Douglas,Pierre Trudeau, and Ed Broadbent, thrown in the dustbin of history,in the name of religious and right wing ideology, that joins us to the worst aspects of the USA;

  2. Thank you for the thoughts, my friend. I hate to be so negative, but at a time like this, who can help it? There are people out there in the world that care. They must stick together and hang on to each other. Peace.