Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letter to Yogi Uday on the eve of the election;

My friend,
It is quite exciting, this election. It has been a while since any sort of politics have been anything other than a snooze fest in boring old Canada. I am happy to see that people are getting their shit together and getting off their cheeseburger fed asses and doing something for once in their hockey loving, atavistic, anachronistic lives. The media in Canada are a total joke. The fucking Globe openly supporting the Harpercons? What the fuck is that? I thought newspapers were supposed to report the news, not create it? I will never read that rag again. The only thing that newspaper is good for now is wiping your ass if you are out of toilet paper, or lighting a fire with it. Otherwise, it's no good. It was the last newspaper I had the stomach to read in that God forsaken, media conglomerated, frozen landscape of a country. It has been very interesting, also, to read the 'poll' results. I suppose we can no longer rely on those either, with some polls reporting a Harper majority and some reporting an NDP majority. Curiously, no Liberal Majority. I guess the media is still sore about the sponsorship scandal. Because we all know that no other party has tried to 'buy' influence. Oh, and I hope you caught the story about the Toronto police illegally releasing information about Jack Layton getting caught in a massage parlour 15 years ago. This coming from the same Toronto police that acted like the gestapo for three days against mostly peaceful protesters at the G20 summit last June.
  We cannot trust any form of media anymore. They are all backed by somebody with an opinion they want to put forth as the 'truth'. Even this email is tainted with the opinion of a socialist, left leaning, environmentalist, seal hugger pinko. 
The media have become very biased all over the world now and they are no longer a credible source of knowledge gathering. From the war in the Arab world, to disaster reporting, to political discourse, we are increasingly being told, not only what to think, but how to think. It is no wonder the largest news and television conglomerate in the world, is called News Corp. Seriously, this sounds like something out of a bad fucking British sci-fi. There is like, some screaming, psychotic, megalomaniacal nutter running the show from a tower somewhere. You can't write this shit. 
On monday, I hope there is some palpable change in the political landscape. Something. Anything. The attack ads, which, thankfully, having been in another country, I have not had to endure, have gotten so degenerative and offensive, I cannot believe people are putting up with this shit. Is it their plan to just thoroughly disgust people so much so, that they won't even participate in the process anymore?
It just may work. I think this election is a litmus test... 
All we have to do is look to the South to see that this kind of below-the-belt politics is very destructive and polarizing. It seems like the right wing likes this kind of thing, though.
I am glad you commented on the whole Trump thing. What a fucking idiot. I mean, where are these people coming from? The Republicans surely must see that Palin, McCain, Trump, et al, are only doing their party a disservice, no? The tea party? Are there really that many retards out there? Is the American public really going to stand by while their political system is destroyed by some racist hillbillies, a few billionaires and bankers and Ayn Rand worshipping, sociopathic politicians? 
I see you posted the link to the Prez destroying the Donald at the White House press corp dinner. Colby and I laughed until we were crying when we saw that. The left needs to be more like that. We need to use humour as a weapon against these haters. Hate is destroying us and laughter will drown out their ignorance and intolerance. 
All we can do is vote, hope and wait and see...
Good luck. May the best man/woman win.


  1. The press corp dinner turned into a Trump roast huh? Lisa and I watched it and we too laughed our heads off watching this strange haired thug squirm in his seat. He didn't even have the grace or humility to laugh at himself. I bet Rosie O'Donnell was a happy camper! If Trump won the Presidency, they would have to rename the President's plane...Hairforce one!

    We are voting NDP tomorrow! If Harper gets a minority Gov, and Jack is his opposition, it will change the political landscape as we have known it.

  2. Yes! Here is to hoping. I hear your riding is a bit of a battle ground, with Duncan possibly losing his seat. Interesting, the rise of the NDP on this one? I really believe in the power of social media. It has transformed the Middle east and now that people see how empowering it is, they will use it here. Especially now that all the traditional media has failed us. I am very optimistic. For once. PS- I love the Hairforce one! Trump is a chump. And, yes, Jack as opposition will change things for the better. The Liberals are Harper-lite. Not much different.