Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Letter to Cairns Energy, Denmark, on their new drilling operation in Arctic waters, between Greenland and Canada:

Dear Oil Kings;
Please publish the response, or lack of response that you intend to enact, once the inevitable happens and the oil is left spewing into the sea. There are people in this world that care about the planet and do not worry, I am certainly not accusing you of this. I know that you enjoy weekends away with your friends and family and maybe you even recycle the cans that the tomatoes come in, when you make a good spaghetti sauce. But you do not care about the damage done by your company, as it drills into the ocean floor of one of the most pristine and beautiful and most unreachable places on Earth, especially by oil spill clean up crews and emergency workers. 
I think the use of the word Cairn for your oil drilling company is appropriate because a cairn is a memorial and that is exactly what will be needed for the area in which your company decides to start drilling for oil. Good luck with being a rich man, driving around in a fancy car and spending your money on lavish gifts for your wife and your mistresses, as you gain power in the corporate world. Your childhood dreams will come true and you will be more powerful than you ever imagined. Just thank God that you are not a dolphin, seal, whale, or any other oceanic creature that calls that area home.

Tony Durke.

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