Saturday, May 14, 2011

City 1

Song from voice
The choice is yours
Who to tell
Defeat is on your lips
On the ships
The chicks
Are the ones
Who are reborn
Every day
Every way
The song carries on
through it all
in the sky
in the park
in your heart
No more lies
You have tried
to confuse and abuse them
They are free now
To get lost
In the absurd words
Like death from a prophet
Lightning never strikes twice
It is nice 
to see you again
The beat goes on
Even if you aren't listening
But you are
I see you there
You see me too
And state your point of view
We have known each other
Since our mothers
Knew we were children
The nest was empty
As soon as we left
And the song
Played on
into the day and night
The fright is what kept us sane
And in line
It is fine, to run
When you are tired and scared

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