Friday, May 27, 2011

2-4-D; for DOW chemicals

Quebec has acknowledged, in a settlement of a pivotal NAFTA trade case, that a controversial pesticide it banned in 2006 doesn’t pose a significant risk to humans or the environment.

But the settlement isn’t likely to put the 2,4-D back on store shelves any time soon in Quebec – or in several other provinces where its use is restricted.

U.S.-based Dow AgroSciences LLC, which makes the pesticide, said Thursday that a deal to drop its North American free trade agreement challenge vindicates its contention that the product is safe if used as directed.

“Quebec’s decision never had a basis in science,” said Brenda Harris, the company’s Calgary-based manager of regulatory and government affairs. “And it cast a shadow on the safety of our product.” Ms. Harris said the case is about making sure governments are “transparent in their decision-making.”

In a statement, Quebec said its ban remains firmly in place and that 2,4-D continues to be a restricted chemical.
The pesticide 2,4-D, once sold widely throughout Canada under brand names such as Killex, is prohibited for lawn care in most provinces east of Manitoba as part of a much broader prohibition on so-called cosmetic lawn care products. The chemical is still widely used in agriculture and forestry. It’s also sold for cosmetic uses in the four western provinces and throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

In justifying the ban, Quebec had initially identified 2,4-D as a possible carcinogen – a claim it failed to demonstrate. And that put the province at odds with Health Canada, which deems the product safe, sparking the company’s NAFTA case against the federal government. Claims can only be brought against NAFTA’s three signatories – Canada, the United States and Mexico.

This is the reason that corporations fight to the death to get free trade agreements put in place and kept in place. This the reason why free trade negotiations are discussed behind closed doors while 100,000 people riot in the streets outside. This is the reason why they have to erect fencing and create 'protest free' zones in our otherwise democratic cities, and make criminals out of peaceful citizens. Citizens that are fucking tired of being ass raped at every turn by criminal, genocidal fucking entities like DOW, who buy and fight their way into our democratically elected boardrooms.

DOW are the people who brought the world Agent Orange and many other disgusting and hateful and cruel and destructive chemicals. If you need a refresher on Agent Orange and its' use, look to the people of Vietnam, who were bombed en masse with Agent Orange, a chemical that was used as a de-foliant to kill all vegetation in the jungle, so that there was nowhere for the 'enemy' to hide as they dropped bombs and another chemical product created through the expert and barbaric DOW, Napalm. I am not saying DOW was solely responsible for the development of napalm, I do know that they were involved in the research and development process. Those of you unfamiliar with the workings of napalm, it was a sticky, extremely flammable substance that the Americans dropped on people, so that the burning material would stick to them, while still on fire, so that it would cause excruciating and lasting 3rd degree burns as it affixed itself to the skin.

The product Killex was, no doubt, a direct chemical descendant of Agent Orange. What a great family company. Stand up citizens of the world.

Anyway, I had a point here. Oh yeah, It was that these evil corporations will force their death causing products upon us whatever it takes. And all it takes in this case, my friends, is a lawsuit under chapter 11, under NAFTA. I have personally protested and fought against NAFTA and other free trade agreements just like it because this is exactly the kind of nefarious shit that comes out of these free trade deals.

I guess that shrew Brenda fucking Harris can say all she wants about how Quebec's decision to protect themselves against this volatile chemical, was not based in science, just as much as I can say that bitch's statements are not based in reality. I mean, come on, we all know that 2-4-D is a petroleum based product that smells like a chem bath and looks like an oil spill if you mix it with water. Carcinogen, assholes! It doesn't take a scientist to tell you that these products are deadly when it comes to long term exposure.

And for chrissakes, I am not even going to get into the fact that DOW bought up Union Carbide in 2001, the company responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in Bhopal, India in 1984, a tragedy that none of these chemical giants have paid a red fucking cent for. Not a cent. No prosecution. They claim it was sabotage by a disgruntled employee...

This pisses me off beyond all reasonable dialogue. Fuck NAFTA and Fuck DOW.

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