Monday, April 4, 2011

The West's Private Armies

In this modern world of religious warfare and socio-economic posturing, there is a need for a certain amount of mercenary operations domestically and , more importantly, abroad. If the developed world's military has come under closer scrutiny and protest by it's citizenry, then what better way to carry out missions than to hire a private force of mercenaries?
We all became familiar with the operations of Blackwater in Iraq a number of years ago but I am guessing most people do not know that the company responsible for untold deaths and misery is now the world's largest private mercenary force, paid for with taxpayer funds, yet completely outside of all conventions and laws governing warfare. This allows them to operate in complete secrecy, carrying out missions of assassination, torture and murder, without investigation or prosecution.
This corporation of death not only does business with war lords and illegitimate governments around the globe, it also conducts secret missions at home...
I find it interesting that the Obama administration is, at this moment, discrediting the Quaddafi regime in Libya for using a private force against the people of Libya, yet this is peanuts compared to the death and destruction rained down from the ranks of America and it's allies' private militias.

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