Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Light That Shines

Listen, you said, I like rock and roll
It is getting late and I got one foot
out the door
And I'm halfway to the way you know
I don't know if you noticed
The color of the leaves
Change once the fall comes
and they fall to the ground
You found, these are the things
That make you feel alive
It is not the heart that beats in your chest
Or the blood in your veins or the rest
It is the light that shines in the night
In your eyes, it's the wise
Who know when to admit
that they are lost
At what cost, do we want to pay
For the mistakes that we made
On the way
To the grave or the urn
It is now my turn
To tell lies
Inspiration is shit, is this it?
Is this the only place we know?
How to say what we wish we would get
What we throw
The time I walked away
Was the time I really came back
To you, in the way that I knew
You, were the one that
Accepted me for who I am
Just like you
Just like you.

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