Saturday, April 9, 2011

An end to Whaling in the Southern Ocean?

The first time I heard about the Sea Shepherd Society, it was 1993. I was 20, a commercial fisher, slaughtering thousands of fish every year, killing all forms of sea life I came across, including birds and sharks. I was the epitome of cruelty.
In 2001, I read Peter singer's 'Animal Liberation' and never again ate meat. In 2010, I joined Sea Shepherd as a member and now I am volunteering my time to help them achieve their goals.
Remember this, when someone tells you that people don't change. 


  1. Funny you should say this. Just yesterday I was chatting to a man in his 50's who said he got his first dog 7 years ago. He mentioned that he had been an avid hunter all his life. He told me that about 6 years ago he put the site of his gun on a deer ready to shoot and then realized he couldn't pull the trigger because all he could see was they eyes of his dog. He hung up his gun and has not hunted since. I bowed to his change of heart. Yes, people do change.

  2. I love this! Thanks for this story. And changing yourself for the better is the best drug ever.