Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dreamer

As I sat alone under the stars
I thought about my life thus far
The blizzards, the sunsets, the mornings
Alone or with somebody
Laughing, crying, dreaming or trying
to be heard over the din of machines
The evidence points to a celebration
Light, truth, lies, music and news
Of birth and death and hope
I have remained private and public
Throwing my life on the table
for all those who wished to see
A distant, affable, retractable character
with a penchant for exaggeration
And spinning equations
The door remains open
So let me in, is what I say
What I ask, today
Will differ from what I ask
Tomorrow or the next
Pictures on screens or in magazines
Have deterred me from failure
It is what I have seen
That makes me free
It is what I have heard
That keeps me in the lea
Of the wind
My friends
I won't be found on the ground
I run with feet and arms
To the Sun
I am the one
Who built this place
In my last life, or this one
I am not sure, I dreamed it
The rails, the fence, the roads
Lead me to light
It is what I believe
That divides me from them
Brings me closer
To you

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