Monday, April 25, 2011

Cons and Libs want to kill CBC

ST. ALBERT, Alberta

Are plans afoot to destroy theCanadian Broadcasting Corporation if the Harper Conservatives get their longed-for majority?
A tantalizing hint by Edmonton-St. Albert Conservative Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeberat an all-candidates' meeting Thursday evening in this Edmonton dormitory city of 60,000 suggests this may be so.
"I don't know that we need a national broadcaster in 2011," Rathgeber told about 100 people at a Chamber of Commerce all-candidates' forum in a local hotel. "…We have to wean them off … of the taxpayer's dollar…"
I find it interesting that this story has come to light in the final week in the lead up to the federal election. First, I must tell you about my conflicted relationship with the CBC. I grew up on it, I used to love it blindly, I would stick up for it, if it were in danger of being destroyed by politicians with a hatred for public broadcasters. Many politicians do not like public broadcasters, especially conservative ones. Just look to the South to see that the politicians down there have just put the last nail in the coffin of the NPR. National Public Radio, is in many ways, better than our own CBC. They are far less regional and their programming is more varied in content and exhibition.
That being said, the US public broadcaster has suffered at the hands of ideological politicos, with an axe to grind, when it comes to publicly funding arts, in any way. What better way to please art hating, xenophobes, than to de-fund a faggoty bunch of art wanks? A group that espouses the values of the New Left, a group that spends time with Shakespeare, over the 49ers? I am not making political enemies out of sport and art, as the former and latter have both suffered by the austerity measures of the neo-con, neo-lib hackers of the day.
These fucking funding cutters seem to want to take all of the money away from anything cultural, whether it be sport or art. The thing about publicly funded broadcasters is that they do not rely on money from corporations with an agenda, that will revoke that said funding if their opinion needs are not met by the broadcaster. If the money comes from the public purse, then what is said on-air usually remains fairly balanced. This may be the time to mention that those same corporations seem to rely on tax dollars, in the form of generous tax breaks and straight-up corporate welfare. The oil industry, alone receives over a billion dollars in subsidies every year in Canada. I had to throw that in. Sorry.
I know all you fucking right wingers are yelling bullshit right now but I can attest, as a faithful listener of both NPR and the CBC, that there were so many goddamned quotes and news about the Bush administration during that reign of terror, that I signed off periodically. The same goes for the CBC, the broadcaster that has beat the living shit out of the Ignatieff Liberals for the last election cycle. (as they should) They also refused to allow Green Party leader Elizabeth May to partake in the televised debates. She garnered almost a million votes last election. Not exactly what you would call a fringe party. It wasn't their decision alone, they went along with the other affiliates.
My point is that all you fucking conservatives are dead wrong when you say that the CBC is biased somehow. Because they aren't. I challenge you to listen to the station for a week and then make the same statement, honestly. 
One thing I can guarantee is that you will have more of a love for this country, if nothing else. And that is my fucking point. That is exactly my fucking point.
Whether you listen to the Q, the News, the House, Afghanida, Wiretap, the Current, Almanac, Out Front, Tapestry, DNTO, Dispatches, Cross Country Check-up or any of the other plethora of shows available to listeners, at the end of it all, you will feel more of a kinship with this great nation.
So, who would want to diminish a relationship between a countryman and his/her country? Well, maybe someone who wanted to change the meaning of the allegiances that have been cultivated.
Maybe someone who wanted to change the relationship the citizenry  have with the art, culture, politics, regions and people of this great country. There is a reason why, when people take over a country by force, the first thing they do is destroy the national discourse. The first things to go are the radio and television stations. When the US started the bombing campaign of Iraq in 2003  they jammed all the public broadcasters and those who didn't comply were bombed. See-Al Jazeera.
It is the same fucking reason why the program I am writing with right now recognizes the spelling of CNN but not Al Jazeera. Think about it.
Now, I hear all this talk about how the Cons want to destroy the CBC but I know full well that the Libs have sucked this institution dry of all their funding in the last number of years. The Libs are Con-lite, that's why. The fucking Liberals are a deceitful bunch of bastards who pander to the wanna-care crowd of people who think they are voting in good conscience, but who are voting for a group of people that are pro-war, anti-abortion, pro-corporate tax cuts and the list goes on. This group of wolves doesn't want the CBC around any more than the bible hugging, theological values pushing wanks. Both parties question a woman's power over her own body, climate change science, the right for a nation to realize it's own democratic power, the right of peaceful assembly and protest, the right of First Nations self determination and many more things that red and blue agree on. Red and blue make purple, which is a nice colour but I wouldn't paint my house with it.
The CBC issue should be close to all our hearts. And that is the reason why it is being whittled away. Because it is close to our hearts. In defence of Canada, stand up for the CBC, as troubled as they seem to be. It is a friend that will be missed, if they disappear.  

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  1. About 7 years ago I attended conservative John Duncan's speech here, as I always like to keep abreast of what these idiots are up to. During his speech he blatantly announced that his party would dismantle the CBC for good if they were elected that year. This has been in the works for years. These assholes will get in because the majority of the general public have become a bunch of masochists.