Friday, April 29, 2011

Hungry? Eat the rich!

Oil companies continue to report major profit increases amidst rising prices for gas and oil. On Thursday, Exxon Mobil said it posted a $10.7 billion profit in the first quarter, a gain of 69 percent. Royal Dutch Shell earned $6.3 billion, up 30 percent. The news comes as the Venezuelan government has announced a new tax on oil companies’ windfall profits. The tax kicks in at 20 percent when oil hits $40 dollars a barrel, reaching up to 95 percent if oil tops $100 barrel. Venezuela says it expects to collect between $9 billion and $16.3 billion this year, with the money going to social programs. In a statement, the group Public Citizen called for a tax on oil companies’ windfall profits in the United States, saying: "Prices at the gas pump are jumping, even though the cost of drilling hasn’t changed … Big Oil is able to pocket the difference—at the direct expense of consumers."

Cold? Burn the rich!

Fast forward bike ride

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letter to 94.3, the Bone, in Detroit;

Hey, you fucking pieces of shit, Just wanted to give a big old fuck you from Canada. Your radio station totally sucks and if I ever pass by Detroit, which I won't be, I will be sure not to mistakenly pass by your shitty station on the dial. I won't be coming to Detroit any time soon, though, because I generally don't put broke, crime-ridden, half abandoned cities on the top of my travel itineraries.
Are you surprised that an American corporation owns the station? Why the hell do you think the content laws are there? We need to save some shred of our culture from you fucking crocodiles. 

I bet the White Stripes also think your station is shit. Along with The Von Bondies, Eminem, Obie Trice, and all the other good shit that came out of Detroit. 

You ass clowns.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cons and Libs want to kill CBC

ST. ALBERT, Alberta

Are plans afoot to destroy theCanadian Broadcasting Corporation if the Harper Conservatives get their longed-for majority?
A tantalizing hint by Edmonton-St. Albert Conservative Member of Parliament Brent Rathgeberat an all-candidates' meeting Thursday evening in this Edmonton dormitory city of 60,000 suggests this may be so.
"I don't know that we need a national broadcaster in 2011," Rathgeber told about 100 people at a Chamber of Commerce all-candidates' forum in a local hotel. "…We have to wean them off … of the taxpayer's dollar…"
I find it interesting that this story has come to light in the final week in the lead up to the federal election. First, I must tell you about my conflicted relationship with the CBC. I grew up on it, I used to love it blindly, I would stick up for it, if it were in danger of being destroyed by politicians with a hatred for public broadcasters. Many politicians do not like public broadcasters, especially conservative ones. Just look to the South to see that the politicians down there have just put the last nail in the coffin of the NPR. National Public Radio, is in many ways, better than our own CBC. They are far less regional and their programming is more varied in content and exhibition.
That being said, the US public broadcaster has suffered at the hands of ideological politicos, with an axe to grind, when it comes to publicly funding arts, in any way. What better way to please art hating, xenophobes, than to de-fund a faggoty bunch of art wanks? A group that espouses the values of the New Left, a group that spends time with Shakespeare, over the 49ers? I am not making political enemies out of sport and art, as the former and latter have both suffered by the austerity measures of the neo-con, neo-lib hackers of the day.
These fucking funding cutters seem to want to take all of the money away from anything cultural, whether it be sport or art. The thing about publicly funded broadcasters is that they do not rely on money from corporations with an agenda, that will revoke that said funding if their opinion needs are not met by the broadcaster. If the money comes from the public purse, then what is said on-air usually remains fairly balanced. This may be the time to mention that those same corporations seem to rely on tax dollars, in the form of generous tax breaks and straight-up corporate welfare. The oil industry, alone receives over a billion dollars in subsidies every year in Canada. I had to throw that in. Sorry.
I know all you fucking right wingers are yelling bullshit right now but I can attest, as a faithful listener of both NPR and the CBC, that there were so many goddamned quotes and news about the Bush administration during that reign of terror, that I signed off periodically. The same goes for the CBC, the broadcaster that has beat the living shit out of the Ignatieff Liberals for the last election cycle. (as they should) They also refused to allow Green Party leader Elizabeth May to partake in the televised debates. She garnered almost a million votes last election. Not exactly what you would call a fringe party. It wasn't their decision alone, they went along with the other affiliates.
My point is that all you fucking conservatives are dead wrong when you say that the CBC is biased somehow. Because they aren't. I challenge you to listen to the station for a week and then make the same statement, honestly. 
One thing I can guarantee is that you will have more of a love for this country, if nothing else. And that is my fucking point. That is exactly my fucking point.
Whether you listen to the Q, the News, the House, Afghanida, Wiretap, the Current, Almanac, Out Front, Tapestry, DNTO, Dispatches, Cross Country Check-up or any of the other plethora of shows available to listeners, at the end of it all, you will feel more of a kinship with this great nation.
So, who would want to diminish a relationship between a countryman and his/her country? Well, maybe someone who wanted to change the meaning of the allegiances that have been cultivated.
Maybe someone who wanted to change the relationship the citizenry  have with the art, culture, politics, regions and people of this great country. There is a reason why, when people take over a country by force, the first thing they do is destroy the national discourse. The first things to go are the radio and television stations. When the US started the bombing campaign of Iraq in 2003  they jammed all the public broadcasters and those who didn't comply were bombed. See-Al Jazeera.
It is the same fucking reason why the program I am writing with right now recognizes the spelling of CNN but not Al Jazeera. Think about it.
Now, I hear all this talk about how the Cons want to destroy the CBC but I know full well that the Libs have sucked this institution dry of all their funding in the last number of years. The Libs are Con-lite, that's why. The fucking Liberals are a deceitful bunch of bastards who pander to the wanna-care crowd of people who think they are voting in good conscience, but who are voting for a group of people that are pro-war, anti-abortion, pro-corporate tax cuts and the list goes on. This group of wolves doesn't want the CBC around any more than the bible hugging, theological values pushing wanks. Both parties question a woman's power over her own body, climate change science, the right for a nation to realize it's own democratic power, the right of peaceful assembly and protest, the right of First Nations self determination and many more things that red and blue agree on. Red and blue make purple, which is a nice colour but I wouldn't paint my house with it.
The CBC issue should be close to all our hearts. And that is the reason why it is being whittled away. Because it is close to our hearts. In defence of Canada, stand up for the CBC, as troubled as they seem to be. It is a friend that will be missed, if they disappear.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Light That Shines

Listen, you said, I like rock and roll
It is getting late and I got one foot
out the door
And I'm halfway to the way you know
I don't know if you noticed
The color of the leaves
Change once the fall comes
and they fall to the ground
You found, these are the things
That make you feel alive
It is not the heart that beats in your chest
Or the blood in your veins or the rest
It is the light that shines in the night
In your eyes, it's the wise
Who know when to admit
that they are lost
At what cost, do we want to pay
For the mistakes that we made
On the way
To the grave or the urn
It is now my turn
To tell lies
Inspiration is shit, is this it?
Is this the only place we know?
How to say what we wish we would get
What we throw
The time I walked away
Was the time I really came back
To you, in the way that I knew
You, were the one that
Accepted me for who I am
Just like you
Just like you.

Fences and Windows

The sound of this guitar
Drowns out the machines
and the guns and the bombs
It will not be long
Until we hear the call
Take our flags into the streets
To break the glass and the backs
Disturb the fractured peace
The strength lies in numbers
The wonders that try to hide
On the side, of the flowers
In the towers
Behind fences and windows
The sound of my singing voice
Will be heard by those forgotten
By the masses of faceless
And doubtless, color coded disasters
Red today, yellow tomorrow
The chorus is tried and true
I have seen it in every face
It rang out from every place
The headlines come before the news
The notes played before the song
Beauty always turns ugly
If left alone

In Your Dreams...

Woke up from a dream
Like a journey through time
You find, no memory strong enough
to explain the story
Dive back in like water
Or love
It is the sunrise or the sunset
You gotta catch it before it is gone
It is the tears in your eyes
Do not wipe them
Let them dry
Jars of light, the night
Hides what is inside
You cannot deny
The feelings in your life
Memories gone before they are here
A party with nobody near
It is your fears in your face
It is a naked crowd in front of you
Your friends or your enemies
They are the kind that you find
In everyday life
Like the ones having fun when you are sad
Do not be mad
Go to sleep
It is the dreams that you keep.

The Power

Brace yourself for the crash
It is the 100 metre dash
From the fence to the wall
Now you have learned to crawl
You will learn to walk, then run
The Moon shines upon you
Not the Sun
I took a class in subterfuge
They taught me how to hide
Inside, a crowd of hungry people
When you are old enough to hurt
You are old enough to cry
Don't think the time is yours
To decide
One wish granted, will be yours
Don't waste it on relieving the pain
Or re-living the same, old moments
They are gone, like an old soul
Or a broken heart
That misses you still
Lost in times and rhythms and signs
Of life in the balancing act
Remember the one who they attacked
Is now the one with the power

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When you feel hopeless, remember that there is still beauty in the World that will take your breath away.


Faces on a power box, Launceston.

My heart lay awake at night
Typical of the idealism
That runs through the veins
Of artists, storytellers, 
And fellers that yell
About things others don't care about
Like fires and liars and the situations
that die hard, try hard 
number crunchers and bean counters
and squawking jocks
Laughing at you from their jeeps
with their radios aloud
some show about statistics
and unrealistic, cannibalistic 
fountainhead murder of altruism 
and atavistic goals set forth by men
who care about their moralistic goals
benchmarks of reason and judgement
they bequeath to the rest of us
The best of us laden 
by the best of them
This story unfolds like a rug
A broken record
the needle in the haystack
Is the change we hope for
But never find
Our courage, mocked and joked
like a clown in an upside down
circus, with dancing bears and a trapeze
They are pleased to announce 
the death of your salesman
your brother, your dream
All we can do is write on walls
walk the halls
Hope we don't fall
so far, we cannot get up
With any luck
We can stand up straight
And get in the face
with creativity, absurdity
and military, pacifistic serenity. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The sort of thing that makes you want to trade it all in just to get a day off...

Still here in the morning
I notice that you are still
Insults or loneliness
nor weakness
will drive you away
This is all you know
It is the blood that courses through you
It is the air you breathe
The last one to take notice
Of the truth that lies in front of you
Like a newspaper headline
Or wrecks from a crash
Like a gambler
You take the cash
 The signs are there to see
nobody here is free
nobody deserves to be
We all did our time
you will too
Like those before you
like those after
You go
You went

The Dreamer

As I sat alone under the stars
I thought about my life thus far
The blizzards, the sunsets, the mornings
Alone or with somebody
Laughing, crying, dreaming or trying
to be heard over the din of machines
The evidence points to a celebration
Light, truth, lies, music and news
Of birth and death and hope
I have remained private and public
Throwing my life on the table
for all those who wished to see
A distant, affable, retractable character
with a penchant for exaggeration
And spinning equations
The door remains open
So let me in, is what I say
What I ask, today
Will differ from what I ask
Tomorrow or the next
Pictures on screens or in magazines
Have deterred me from failure
It is what I have seen
That makes me free
It is what I have heard
That keeps me in the lea
Of the wind
My friends
I won't be found on the ground
I run with feet and arms
To the Sun
I am the one
Who built this place
In my last life, or this one
I am not sure, I dreamed it
The rails, the fence, the roads
Lead me to light
It is what I believe
That divides me from them
Brings me closer
To you

Monday, April 11, 2011

Life is life

Bullets fly
So do angels
and You
In your dreams
Flames leap
So do dogs
Cats and frogs
High in the air
Walls keep the light out
So do trees
And clouds that rain
On the flowers
Bees sting
And pollinate the seeds
The air we breathe
Is cleaned by weeds
Chemicals poison us
and keep us alive
Words hurt us
Empower us
How you see it
Is how you be it
Be it
Don't quit

Saturday, April 9, 2011

An end to Whaling in the Southern Ocean?

The first time I heard about the Sea Shepherd Society, it was 1993. I was 20, a commercial fisher, slaughtering thousands of fish every year, killing all forms of sea life I came across, including birds and sharks. I was the epitome of cruelty.
In 2001, I read Peter singer's 'Animal Liberation' and never again ate meat. In 2010, I joined Sea Shepherd as a member and now I am volunteering my time to help them achieve their goals.
Remember this, when someone tells you that people don't change. 

life is beautiful...

Beethoven's fifth

 Smiles and wine are fine
we had to stand in line
we drove to the coast
The gardens grow 
the love that shows
we have a long way come
to the place of the Sun
The ones. the time. is now
not why but how
by trying something new
We came to a fork in the road
and took it
Now look at the best
we have gotten ourselves into
I think we can live with this

Friday, April 8, 2011

                                Magpies of Williamstown
                                South Yarra Sunset
                                Tasman Hills

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some more new work by Durke

                                          A Coalition Force Finds its' way to Freedom
                             An Election Might Just be What This Country Needs (for Luna Park)

Monday, April 4, 2011

We are all talking to the same God...

                                                We are all praying to the same God
                                                We are all lying to the same God
                                                We are all just trying for the same God
                                                  We are all just dying for the same God
                                                 We are all just praying to the same God

The West's Private Armies

In this modern world of religious warfare and socio-economic posturing, there is a need for a certain amount of mercenary operations domestically and , more importantly, abroad. If the developed world's military has come under closer scrutiny and protest by it's citizenry, then what better way to carry out missions than to hire a private force of mercenaries?
We all became familiar with the operations of Blackwater in Iraq a number of years ago but I am guessing most people do not know that the company responsible for untold deaths and misery is now the world's largest private mercenary force, paid for with taxpayer funds, yet completely outside of all conventions and laws governing warfare. This allows them to operate in complete secrecy, carrying out missions of assassination, torture and murder, without investigation or prosecution.
This corporation of death not only does business with war lords and illegitimate governments around the globe, it also conducts secret missions at home...
I find it interesting that the Obama administration is, at this moment, discrediting the Quaddafi regime in Libya for using a private force against the people of Libya, yet this is peanuts compared to the death and destruction rained down from the ranks of America and it's allies' private militias.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

word to J

Thanks for your words to me
I read them many times over
What happened,
What became of you?
Is it true?
The distance between us
Is too far to bear
Don't you care?
Doesn't he?
All those years
All those memories
What now?
One of you
Will attend the other's funeral
And regret the direction
The decision, taken
Life has misunderstandings
And demanding, to be heard
Can be hard
A shard
Of glass
Could never cut so deep
As the loss of family
Or friends
In the end
It is all we keep
In the heart
Because dark
never sleeps
It is light
That keeps us alive.