Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A letter to Yogi Uday;

Yogiuday, my friend,
                     I will always play your game. I hope I did not sadden you with my poem/rap about Harperland. I, too boycotted the USA for the entire time the Bush doctrine was in effect. Sadly, the doctrine seems to have barely been diminished under Obama.
 I mean, really, what can one guy really do? Well, quite a lot actually, especially when they have the power to declare war without first asking the people or even the congress. I have learned that this was not so, until 1973, under that fucking Nixon. Why is it that ever since Goldwater in the US and Mulroney a bit later in Canada, are we stuck with this warmongering, tax evading, social program hating bunch of neo-liberal, neo-conservative political hacks? They get knocked down, only to re-group and come up again later, painted different colors, but ultimately, spewing the same old tried and true brand of disaster capitalism?
 I am not even aware of the opposition to Canada's involvement in the Libyan war because all I seem to be able to get out of that country is bullshit about the election and who has the most effective attack ad campaign. Oh, and hockey. The networks have decided to keep Elizabeth May and the Greens out of the televised debates this time around because, well, the networks are a privately run, corporate entity, working within a publicly funded system, using public airwaves to sell their private message. Anyway, as usual it all becomes so convoluted that most of us just bury our collective heads in the sand and cry ourselves to sleep. And one million voters are effectively silenced. Again. 
 I wish I could ignore politics but it has such an impact on the way the world is going, I just cannot accept ignorance. I lead a healthy and peaceful life, with bitterness just below the surface, ready to explode on some opinionated asshole (just like me) at any time. 
I disagree with people on Twitter (which has become a political hotbed) and when I do, it is always respectfully, but then when they read my profile and find out I label myself as 'progressive' or 'socialist' in my beliefs, they shoot back by calling me a 'fucktard', 'liberal wank', 'cunt', 'libtard', and the list goes on. There is so much ignorance and hatred of anything resembling progress these days, it scares the fuck out of me, to be quite honest with you. It makes me fear for where we, as a society are going. 
I am happy to see what has happened in Egypt but the rest of the Middle East has been virtually ignored by the media, even though their respective uprisings have been far more brutal. The reasons for this are myriad, but initially what I suspect is that all the other dictatorships are Western and Israeli allies and are supported to maintain the status quo, which is to keep the Muslim world quiet and subjugated. And to keep the oil pumping.
I will be watching the Libya thing with reserved opinion and guarded trepidation. I always suspect alternative, secretive motives when I see the West interfering in other people's civil unrest. And it is always with some crackpot dictator who they have, until 5 minutes ago, supported. And in this case, they have supported Qaddafi duck with all sorts of weapons for years, so they have a lot of blood on their hands. But, you know, today's rebel is tomorrow's terrorist. I knew the euphemism of 'no-fly-zone' would quickly meld into something else. They always spin it to us that once they do this, they have to do that. Then once that is completed, they realise that they have no choice but to do this... And so it goes, as it spirals into a decade long conflict costing untold lives and resources. 
I have no faith in the Western penchant for solving all the skirmishes in the developing world. If they are so intent on this, where are they in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain and Jordan? Oh, wait, those countries already trade their oil futures in US petrodollars. It is obvious because it just is. And, as usual there is a bipartisan support for the bombing. In Canada, Harper, Iggy and Layton support our involvement in the conflict. I mean, we all know Iggy is a spineless twat that will go along with anything, as long as it pays, but, et tu, Jack? Maybe that moustache is getting in the way of your vision. Might be time to look at shaving it off...
Meanwhile, here in Australia, the government and opposition are screaming bloody murder at each other over a proposed carbon tax. The country is divided and there is a lot of tension over it. Climate science denial is high in this country. Not to worry, the attendance at the footy games is very high, so, not to worry...
We spent last week in Tasmania and things are no different there. I mean, the place was just pure magic as far as the landscape and the architecture and the people go. I could easily spend my days there. However, all I had to do was pick up a newspaper or talk to others to find out that they are cutting social programs, there are protests and unrest over a proposed pulp mill and the continued logging of old growth forests, targeted poisoning of species such as wallabies and other mammals. And the world turns...
We were lucky enough to be in Hobart when the Sea Shepherd's ship, the Bob Barker, was in port, just returned from the Antarctic anti-whaling campaign. That was so inspirational to all who got to go on board and take a tour of the ship and we learned of their mission and some of the successes and failures of this season. There were more successes. I am happy for that and so are the whales.
I am volunteering some of my time with the Melbourne chapter of the SSCS, so members of the crew from the Bob Barker will be at our meeting on Thursday to talk about their experiences. Such heroes.
Hope all is well in your beautiful and peaceful Indian world. When do you return to the northern outpost of Canada? I hope your time there will be well spent. Are you still having trouble with your visa? Good night and good luck, my friend.
Love T.

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