Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter to John West Fish Products:

Why do we have to send so many goddamned emails to crap companies like you? Why do we, as consumers, have to constantly cajole, threaten, litigate, demonstrate and badger corporations such as yours, to only behave marginally ethical? How do you sleep at night? How do you take the cheques to the bank every day, knowing that you could be making the same amount of money, possibly more, only by becoming more respectful of the bounty that Mother Nature has given you, to profit from? 
You could make that decision now. You could choose to turn the ship of fools around and abandon the doomed course your compass is currently set for.
The world's marine resources are dwindling and many other companies have taken bold steps to reduce their harmful by-catch. Sure, sure, you made some small steps to mitigate the death of countless turtles and sharks back in 2008, and believe me, people took notice. But now it is time to do more. It is time to make further changes and reduce your level of destruction even more.
You know that Greenpeace has got this ball and then they are going to run with it, don't you? And eco-fascists like me and many others will start taking action and then you will have to drive past us filthy little hippies waving signs in front of your factories and offices. Then there will be a boycott campaign and all that dirty business.
Catch my drift? But don't do it to avoid people like me and my ilk. Do it for the sharks and turtles and all the other creatures that die for crappy fish sticks.
Sincerely,  Tony Durke

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  1. John West should be quite rightly put out of business if they are so arrogant as not to care other than their profit. We don't need people, companies operating like this and as consumers we can put a stop on their existence.