Friday, February 18, 2011

Whales-1, Japan-0

As of February 18th, Japan has suspended it's whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary. The entire fleet is heading home after the Japanese Fisheries Minister declared the hunt to be over for the year. The premature end to the Whaling season is a success to be credited to the efforts of Sea Shepherd Society, for its' valiant efforts in the Antarctic.
Greenpeace is also due credit, for exposing the black market sale of whale meat in Japan. There have also been mounting pressures on the Japanese Government from Japanese citizens.
All I can say is good riddance, assholes. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

There are reports that the whaling fleet may be finished for good because there are strict new rules regarding fuel vessels in the Southern Ocean, as of August 2011. These rules will greatly restrict the whaling fleet's movements and their ability to continue their efforts.
Also, I believe that, even though the Japanese Government calls anti-whaling activists "biased" and "racist", they know that the campaign against the hunt will only increase, leading to boycotts and all sorts of other negative impacts on the country.
It won't do them any good to defend a shrinking, archaic and ever decreasing in popularity industry that may cause them a lot greater economic woes than whaling would ever gain them.

In essence, let us rejoice at the good news today and chalk one up for direct action.


  1. hopefully the archaic seal killing industry in canada will be next.

  2. That industry has shrunk massively in the last few years, also due to public pressure. We just keep the heat and publicity on that one, too and it will cease to exist, too.

  3. I have to disagree with at least your blog title. I believe it should be something more like, Whale 1 - Japan 5,645,723,843+ Its a great thing but also a battle that has coast the Whale team many casualties.