Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh, Obama...

I know I have been belly aching about Obama lately. I am sorry if I sound like a broken record. I hope I have not repeated anything. I am on a bit of a conspiracy theory kick here, so bear with me. Or don't. You can always skip this shit and move on to pictures of cats and dogs. I love cats and dogs an unreasonable amount. They are my best friends and every chance I get, I get close to them.
But seriously. Obama. What the fuck? Do you feel as duped as I do? Because I feel like a total idiot for falling for the love that was promised back in '08, when Obama swept into power, via the most populist takeover of the White House since Kennedy.
I think about who America (the World) was offered as a sudden alternative during that election and that crazy fucking, hick bitch from Alaska was thrown onto the scene like an understudy after an outbreak.
Now, I ask you, and I ask you honestly, was Sarah Palin all the GOP could offer up as an alternative to an outspoken, highly educated, intelligent man, who would surely take the reins of power otherwise?
A fucking hillbilly, beauty pageant soccer mom twat from Nowhere, Alaska is all the most powerful group of people in the world, could put onto the front lines?
I call bullshit, my friends! And I mean it. There is no way that this turn of events was an accident.
The whole world got behind Barack with a vengeance and we were hoodwinked to the first degree.
The reason I now put this forward, besides the obvious facts that have come to light since then, is that this president is not much different than the last one. Sure, he is more eloquent, more diplomatic, thoughtful, witty and intellectual but he is no more liberal or left wing or progressive.
There are many reasons I say this and you can dispute them if you want. But I stand behind it. I think the whole Obama election was just another corporate, Wall Street, military industrial, neo-liberal hoax.
Obama is the best republican president ever.
With the continuation of every Bush corporate tax concession, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, union busting that would make the John Birch society blush, anti-abortion motions popping up all over the place, proposition 8 maintained to ban gay marriage, the continuation of rendition, torture, the latest veto against every other security council member in regards to the ongoing illegal usurping of lands by the State of Israel and the flight of 14 spineless, leech, pork chopping, running dog wolf Democrats from the Wisconsin debacle. Those 14 losers should be tried for treason for that. The Dems gladly took millions in donations from unions in the run-up to the 2008 election and that is how they repay their supporters? Fuck them.
And not a word from Obama. All we hear from Obama these days is how the US government is going to extradite Julien Assange for divulging state secrets.
The Obama administration came into power exactly how they are now governing, through bullshit.
Total bullshit.
I would like to predict a one term presidency but what is the alternative? Some crazy fucking Tea Party mormon hick from fucking Utah?
Hope in this world comes from the Middle East right now, which is a nice change. It certainly does not come from America.

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